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2009Conversion of crude chitosan to an anti-fungal protease by Bacillus cereusChang, W.T.; Hsieh, C.H.; Hsieh, H.S.; Chen, C.S.-
2010InGaN light emitting solar cells with a roughened N-face GaN surface through a laser decomposition processChen, K.T.; 林佳鋒; Huang, W.C.; Hsieh, T.H.; Hsieh, C.H.; Lin, C.F.-
2003The inhibitory effects of indirubin-3 '-monoxime on GVBD and microtubules of porcine oocytesJu, J.C.; 朱志成; Chang, W.H.; Lee, S.; Jaw, S.N.; Tseng, J.K.; Hsieh, C.H.; Chang, L.H.; Tang, P.C.; Meijer, L.-
2006The kinase inhibitor indirubin-3 '-oxime prevents germinal vesicle breakdown and reduces parthenogenetic development of pig oocytesHsieh, C.H.; 朱志成; Tang, P.C.; Chang, W.H.; Weng, Y.C.; Sha, S.W.; Tseng, J.K.; Chang, L.H.; Ju, J.C.; 唐品琦-
2009Multilevel Prime Codes for Optical CDMA SystemsHsieh, C.H.; 楊谷章; Yang, G.C.; Chang, C.Y.; Kwong, W.C.-
2008Nitric oxide physiological responses and delivery mechanisms probed by water-soluble Roussin's red ester and {Fe(NO)(2)}(10) DNICChen, Y.J.; Ku, W.C.; Feng, L.T.; Tsai, M.L.; Hsieh, C.H.; Hsu, W.H.; Liaw, W.F.; Hung, C.H.-
2005Optimal lipase-catalyzed formation of hexyl laurateChang, S.W.; 蕭介夫; Shaw, J.F.; Yang, K.H.; Shih, I.L.; Hsieh, C.H.; Shieh, C.J.-
2004The relative centrifugation force permits visualization of the germinal vesicle in pig oocytesHsieh, C.H.; 朱志成; Lee, S.; Jaw, S.N.; Tseng, J.K.; Tang, P.C.; Chang, L.H.; Ju, J.C.; 唐品琦-
2011Strength of the interactions between light-scattering particles and resins affects the haze of anti-glare filmsLiu, B.T.; 李榮和; Teng, Y.T.; Lee, R.H.; Liaw, W.C.; Hsieh, C.H.-