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2003Analysis of water waves passing over a submerged rectangular dikeChan, I.C.; 謝平城; Huang, L.H.; Hsieh, P.C.-
2006Analytical solutions for water flow passing over a vegetal areaHsieh, P.C.; 謝平城; Shiu, Y.S.-
2001Antimicrobial effect of extracts from Chinese chive, cinnamon, and corni fructusMau, J.L.; 毛正倫; Chen, C.P.; Hsieh, P.C.-
2001Antimicrobial effect of various combinations of plant extractsHsieh, P.C.; 毛正倫; Mau, J.L.; Huang, S.H.-
2011Antioxidant properties and mutagenicity of Pinus morrisonicola and its vinegar preparationChen, Y.H.; 毛正倫; Hsieh, P.C.; Mau, J.L.; Sheu, S.C.-
2010Application of gamma irradiation in ginseng for both photodegradation of pesticide pentachloronitrobenzene and microbial decontaminationWen, H.W.; Hsieh, M.F.; Wang, Y.T.; Chung, H.P.; Hsieh, P.C.; Lin, I.H.; Chou, F.I.-
2005Construction of an intergeneric fusion from Schizosaccharomyces pombe and Lentinula edodes for xylan degradation and polyol productionLin, C.C.; 毛正倫; Hsieh, P.C.; Mau, J.L.; Teng, D.F.-
2007Dynamic analysis of multilayered soils to water waves and flowHsieh, P.C.; 謝平城; Hsieh, W.P.-
2003Dynamic response of a soft soil layer to flow and periodical disturbanceHsieh, P.C.; 謝平城-
2003Effects of weakly nonlinear water waves on soft poroelastic bed with finite thicknessHsieh, P.C.; 謝平城; Huang, L.H.-
2008Efficacy of gamma irradiation for protection against postharvest insect damage and microbial contamination of adlayWen, H.W.; Chung, H.P.; Wang, Y.T.; Hsieh, P.C.; Lin, I.H.; Chou, F.I.-
2009Evaluation of Nanofabricated Ginseng Extract PowdersWen, H.W.; Li, W.C.; Chung, R.J.; Yin, S.Y.; Chou, T.H.; Hsieh, P.C.; Wang, P.H.; Lin, I.H.-
2011Isolation and characterization of a strain of Klebsiella pneumoniae with citrinin-degrading activityChen, Y.H.; 毛正倫; Sheu, S.C.; Mau, J.L.; Hsieh, P.C.-
2007Laminar surface water flow over vegetated groundHsieh, P.C.; 謝平城; Bolton, S.-
2003Laminar water wave and current passing over porous bedHsieh, P.C.; 謝平城; Dai, H.H.; Huang, L.H.-
2005Oblique impact of water waves on thin porous wallsHsu, H.J.; 謝平城; Huang, L.H.; Hsieh, P.C.-
2004A re-investigation of the low Reynolds number uniform flow past a porous spherical shellHsu, H.J.; 謝平城; Huang, L.H.; Hsieh, P.C.-
2006Secreted expression of the classical swine fever virus glycoprotein E-rns in yeast and application to a sandwich blocking ELISAHuang, C.J.; 黃千衿; Chien, M.S.; Hu, C.M.; Chen, C.W.; Hsieh, P.C.; 簡茂盛-
2002Transient deformation of a poroelastic channel bedHsieh, P.C.; 謝平城; Shih, W.P.; Huang, L.H.-
2006A viscoelastic model for the dynamic response of soils to periodical surface water disturbanceHsieh, P.C.; 謝平城-