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Jun-2015The Flow Patterns and Geophone Characteristics of Debris Flows at Houyenshan, Miaoli, Taiwan周憲德; 楊祥霖; 李璟芳; 黃郅軒; Hsien-Ter Chou; Hing-Lin Yang; Ching-Fang Lee; Chih-Hsuan Huang
2014Geomorphic Evolution of The Dong-Ao Peak Landslide, North Eastern TaiwanChing-Fang Lee; Hsien-Ter Chou; Lung-Wei Wei; Wei-Kai Huang; Shu-Yeong Chi; Su-Chin Chen; Wen-Chao Huang; 李璟芳; 周憲德; 魏倫瑋; 黃韋凱; 冀樹勇; 陳樹群; 黃文昭
Dec-2016Heliu Debris Flow Induced by Typhoon Soudelor: Failure Mechanism and Numerical SimulationChing-Fang Lee; Hsien-Ter Chou; Ting-Chi Tsao; Chih-Hao Hsu; Chih-Hsuan Huang; Wei-Syuan Liao; 李璟芳; 周憲德; 曹鼎志; 許志豪; 黃郅軒; 廖緯璿
Dec-2003Threshold Conditions of Rainfall-induced Shal-low Landslides with Cracks周憲德; Hsien-Ter Chou-
Jun-1997三民溪河川水質現地調查與數值模擬Su-Chin Chen; 周憲德; Shih-Chie Dong; Hsien-Ter Chou; 呂鴻光; 董世傑; 陳樹群-
Mar-2004入滲對非飽和邊坡淺層崩塌發生機制之研究Bo-Heng Lee; 李伯亨; Hsien-Ter Chou; Shou-Young Chang; Chu-Hui Chen; 周憲德; 張守陽; 陳主惠-
1-Sep-2005土石流運動時之次聲特性監測及分析周憲德; Hsien-Ter Chou; 張友龍; 章書成; Yu-Long Cheung; Shu-Cheng Zhang
Jun-1999坡地棄土滑動引致土石流之實例廖偉民; Hsien-Ter Chou; 周憲德; 林銘郎; Ming-Lang Lin; Wei-Min Liaw-
Sep-1998孔隙水壓對溪床土石流發生機制之影響Wei-Min Liaw; 廖偉民; Hsien-Ter Chou; 周憲德-
Mar-1998溪流水體之硝化反應模式分析Ching-Song Lai; 周憲德; Shih-Chie Dong; Hsien-Ter Chou; 董世傑; 賴青松-