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Oct-2011Biochemical characterization of a novel lysine racemase from Proteus mirabilis BCRC10725Kuan, Yi-Chia; Kao, Chao-Hung; Chen, Chao-Hsien; Chen, Chang-Chih; Hu, Hui-Yu; Hsu, Wen-Hwei; National Chung Hsing University,Graduate Institute of Molecular Biology; 國立中興大學分子生物學研究所; Miao-zhen Luo-
1998Characterization and Protein Engineering of D-hydantoinase from Agrobacterium Radiobacter and Mutational Analysis of the Catalytic Sites of D-hydantoinase from Bacillus CaldolyticusHsu, Wen-Hwei; 許文輝; Perng, Renn-Yeuan; 彭任遠-
1998Characterization and Protein engineering ofN-carbamoyl-D-amino acid amiidohydrolase of Agrobacterium radiobacter許文輝; Hsu, Wen-Hwei; 徐銓龍; Hsu, Chuan-Long-
1998Cloning and Expression of the D-hydantoinase Gene from Agrobacferiun tumefaciens and Characterization of the EnzymeHsu, Wen-Hwei; 許文輝; 洪志鴻; Hong, Chih-Hong-
Dec-2011Genome-Wide Transcript Expression Analysis in the Uterovaginal Junction in Association with Fertile Period in Tsaiya DucksHuang, Hsiu-Lin; Cheng, Yu-Shin; Yang, Kuo-Tai; Chen, Chia-Hsuan; Huang, Mu-Chiou; Hsu, Wen-Hwei; 國立中興大學動物科學系; National Chung Hsing University,Department of Animal Science; Miao-zhen Luo-
1998Mutational Analysis of Catalytic and Feedback Inhibition Site(s) of Prephenate Dehydratase from Corynebacterium glutamicum許文輝; Hsu, Wen-Hwei; 許世光; Hsu, Shih-Kuang-