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2009Adsorption of Polar Molecules on Rb/Sr@C-60. A Theoretical AnalysisChang, C.M.; Jalbout, A.F.-
2004Analytical potential energy function and vibrational spectra of OPSCN: density functional theory calculationsJalbout, A.F.; 張家銘; Chang, C.M.; Solimannejad, M.-
2009Communication on the Stability of Crystalline Silver Halide Inside NanostructuresChang, C.M.; 張家銘; Jalbout, A.F.-
2009Computational Notes on the Thermostatistics of the Most Stable Ionic Au-32 IsomersChang, C.M.; Jalbout, A.F.; Contreras-Torres, F.F.-
2003The H2CO potential energy surface: advanced ab initio and density functional theory studyJalbout, A.F.; 張家銘; Chang, C.M.-
2010Metal induced amino acid adsorption on nanotubesChang, C.M.; 張家銘; Jalbout, A.F.-
2003Novel descriptors based on density functional theory for predicting divalent metal ions adsorbed onto silica-disiloxane cluster model studyChang, C.M.; 張家銘; Jalbout, A.F.; Lin, C.-
2004Rate coefficient and mechanism of the gas phase OPSCN -> OPNCS isomerization: a density functional theory studyJalbout, A.F.; 張家銘; Chang, C.M.; Galano, A.; Solimannejad, M.-
2004A simple rule for determining ferromagnetism based on direct exchange energiesJalbout, A.F.; 張家銘; Chang, C.M.-
2003A unified model for predicting the mononuclear first- to fifth-order and the polynuclear hydrolysis constants of metal cationsChang, C.M.; 張家銘; Jalbout, A.F.; Wang, M.K.; Lin, C.-