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2004A. generalized thermoelasticity problem of multilayered conical shellsJane, K.C.; Wu, Y.H.-
2000Buckling and vibration of rectangular laminates with cut off regionsJane, K.C.; Hong, C.C.-
2001Effects of unsteady aerodynamic pressure load on the interlaminar stresses of laminated composite stripsJane, K.C.; Hwang, M.F.; Hong, C.C.-
2000Interlaminar stresses of a rectangular laminated plate with simply supported edges subject to free vibrationJane, K.C.; Hong, C.C.-
2006Numerical analyses of piezoelectric materials with the GDQ methodHong, C.C.; Liao, H.W.; Jane, K.C.-
1998Postbuckling deformation and vibration of a delaminated beam-plate with arbitrary delamination locationJane, K.C.; Chen, C.C.-
2008Pure global buckling and vibration in laminates with arbitrary shape cut off regionsHong, C.C.; Liao, H.W.; Hwang, M.F.; Jane, K.C.-
2003Shear deformation in thermal bending analysis of laminated plates by the GDQ methodHong, C.C.; Jane, K.C.-
2003Shear deformation in thermal vibration analysis of laminated plates by the GDQ methodHong, C.C.; Jane, K.C.-
1999Steady-state aeroelasticity of fluid flow over a laminated composite plateJane, K.C.; Hong, C.C.-
2000Thermal bending analysis of laminated orthotropic plates by the generalized differential quadrature methodJane, K.C.; Hong, C.C.-
2005Thermally induced vibration of a thermal sleeve with the GDQ methodHong, C.C.; Liao, H.W.; Lee, L.T.; Ke, J.B.; Jane, K.C.-
1999Thermoelastic transient response of an infinitely long annular multilayered cylinderJane, K.C.; Lee, Z.Y.-
1999Thermoelasticity of multilayered cylindersJane, K.C.; Lee, Z.Y.-
2003Validation of the Rayleigh-Ritz method for the postbuckling analysis of rectangular plates with application to delamination growthJane, K.C.; Liao, H.W.; Hong, W.-
1998Vibration analysis of delaminated composite plates under axial loadChang, T.P.; Hu, C.Y.; Jane, K.C.-
2000Vibration of delaminated beam-plates with multiple delaminations under axial forcesJane, K.C.; Harn, Y.C.-