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2002(2002年兩岸環境教育研討會暨環境教育學會年會:343)校園化學資源回收再用教育Wen-yuan Lin; Jen-Fon Jen; 國立中興大學化學系-
2007(Anal. Bioanal. Chem., 387(3):999-1005)Monitoring of PAHs in air by collection on XAD-2 adsorbent then microwave-assisted thermal desorption coupled with headspace solid-phase microextraction and gas chromatography with mass spectrometric detectionMing-Chi Wei; Wan-Ting Chang; Jen-Fon Jen; 國立中興大學化學系-
2015Analysis of Four Parabens in Cosmetic Sample with In-Tip Monolithic Molecularly Imprinted Solid Phase Extraction and HPLC-UVJen-Fon Jen; 鄭政峯 詹佳蓉; Chia-Jung Chan; 化學系所
2007(Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 388(2):377-383)New cloud vapor zone (CVZ) coupled headspace solid-phase microextraction techniqueYi-Ching Huang; Yi-Song Su; Sarangapani Muniraj; Weibing Zhang; Jen-Fon Jen; 國立中興大學化學系-
2007Apparatus and method for rapidly, eco-friendly sample preparation prior to chromatographic determination of chemical substances鄭政峯; Jen-Fon Jen; 國立中興大學化學系
2005(Chinese J. Chromatogr., 23(3):238-242)The method development of subcritical water chromatographyYi-Song Su; Jen-Fon Jen; Weibing Zhang; å ç« ä¸­è 大學å 學系-
2004(Chromatographia, 59(7-8):517-520)Determination of Aniline in Water by Microwave-Assisted Headspace Solid-Phase Microextraction and Gas ChromatographyCheing-Tong Yan; Jen-Fon Jen; 國立中興大學化學系-
2015Fatty-Acid-Based Supramolecular Microextraction for the Rapid Determination of UV-filters and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Aqueous Samples by HPLC-UVJen-Fon Jen; 鄭政峯; 姜盈如; Yin-Ru Jiang; 化學系所
2014Graphene Modified Silica as On-line Solid Phase Extraction Sorbent Material for the Rapid Analysis of Alkylphenol and Bisphenol A in Environmental Water Samples by HPLC-PDAJen-Fon Jen; 鄭政峰; 江怡潔; Yi-Chieh Chiang; 化學系所
2012Green Analytical Methodologies for the Rapid Analysis of Organochlorine Compounds in Aqueous Samples using Microwave Assisted Graphene and Polymeric Hollow Fiber based Micro-Extraction Techniques Coupled with Gas Chromatography李茂榮; Maw-Rong Lee; 楊慶成; 楊吉斯; 徐永源; Thomas C. Yang; Jyisy Yang; Youn-Yuen Shi; 鄭政峰; Jen-Fon Jen; 庫碼; Ponnusamy, Vinoth Kumar; 中興大學-
2007(J. Agri. Food Chem., 55(6):2103-2108)Capillary Electrophoretic Analysis of γ-Aminobutyric Acid and Alanine in Tea with In-Capillary Derivatization and Fluorescence DetectionYar-Ping Lin; Yi-Song Su; Jen-Fon Jen; 國立中興大學化學系-
2004(J. Chin. Chem. Soc., 51(3):531-542)Fast multi-residue screening for 84 pesticides in tea by gas chromatography with dual-tower auto-sampler, dual-column and dual detectorsHong-Ping Li; Gwo-Chen Li; Jen-Fon Jen; 國立中興大學化學系
2003(J. Chromatogr. A, 1012(2):111-118)Determination of chlorophenols in soil samples by microwave-assisted extraction coupled to headspace solid-phase microextraction and gas chromatography-electron-capture detectionJen-Fon Jen; Ming-Chi Wei; 國立中興大學化學系-
2003(J. Chromatogr. A, 1012(2):129-137)Determination of organochlorine pesticides in water using microwave assisted headspace solid-phase microextraction and gas chromatographyJen-Fon Jen; Hong-Ping Li; Gwo-Chen Li; 國立中興大學化學系-
2006(J. Chromatogr. A, 1130(1):028-033)Determination of phthalate esters from food-contacted materials by on-line microdialysis and liquid chromatographyJen-Fon Jen; Tzu-Chi Liu; 國立中興大學化學系-
2008(J. Chromatogr. A, 1207(1-2):130-135)Microwave-assisted headspace controlled temperature liquid-phase microextraction of chlorophenols from aqueous samples for gas chromatography-electron capture detectionYi-An Shi; Ming-Jen Chen; Sarangapani Muniraj; Jen-Fon Jen; 國立中興大學化學系-
Jun-2013Novel one-step headspace dynamic in-syringe liquid phasederivatization–extraction technique for the determination of aqueousaliphatic amines by liquid chromatography with fluorescencedetection-
2014Novel Porous Graphene Microspheres for Dispersive Micro-solid Phase Extraction to the Preconcentration of UV-filters in Aqueous Sample Followed with HPLC-UV AnalysisJen-Fon Jen; 鄭政峰; 張侑甥; Yu-Sheng Chang; 化學系所
2014Novel Pseudo-Solvent Based Cloud-Point Microextraction for the Rapid Determination of Parabens in Aqueous Samples by HPLC-UVJen-Fon Jen; 鄭政峰; 李心儀; Hsin-Yi Li; 化學系所
Jun-2013Novel solvent-free microwave-assisted extraction coupled with low-density solvent-based in-tube ultrasound-assisted emulsification microextraction for the fast analysis of organophosphorus pesticides in soils-