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2001All organic NLO sol-gel material containing a one-dimensional carbazole chromophoreKuo, W.J.; 鄭如忠; Hsiue, G.H.; Jeng, R.J.-
1998All sol-gel organic-inorganic NLO materials based on melamines and an alkoxysilane dyeHsiue, G.H.; Lee, R.H.; Jeng, R.J.-
1999All sol-gel organic-inorganic nonlinear optical materials based on melamines and an alkoxysilane dyeHsiue, G.H.; 鄭如忠; Lee, R.H.; Jeng, R.J.; 李榮和-
2007Biodegradable nanocomposites based on poly(butylene succinate)/organoclayShih, Y.F.; 鄭如忠; Wang, T.Y.; Jeng, R.J.; Wu, J.Y.; Teng, C.C.; 吳震裕-
2011Bulky side-chain density effect on the photophysical, electrochemical and photovoltaic properties of polythiophene derivativesWang, H.J.; 李榮和; Chan, L.H.; Chen, C.P.; Lin, S.L.; Lee, R.H.; Jeng, R.J.-
2003Carbon black containing interpenetrating polymer networks based on unsaturated polyester/epoxy III: thermal and pyrolysis analysisShih, Y.F.; 鄭如忠; Jeng, R.J.; Wei, K.M.-
2002Carbon black containing IPNs based on unsaturated polyester/epoxy. I. Dynamic mechanical properties, thermal analysis, and morphologyShih, Y.F.; 鄭如忠; Jeng, R.J.-
2002Carbon black-containing interpenetrating polymer networks based on unsaturated polyester/epoxy II. Thermal degradation behavior and kinetic analysisShih, Y.F.; 鄭如忠; Jeng, R.J.-
2008Cross-linked and uncross-linked biodegradable nanocomposites. I. Nonisothermal crystallization kinetics and gas permeabilityShih, Y.F.; 武東星; Wang, T.Y.; Jeng, R.J.; Wu, J.Y.; Wuu, D.S.; 鄭如忠; 吳震裕-
2009Dendronized organic-inorganic nonlinear optical hybrid materials with homogeneous morphologyChen, Y.C.; 鄭如忠; Yang, Y.J.; Juang, T.Y.; Chan, L.H.; Dai, S.A.; Chen, F.M.C.; Su, W.C.; Jeng, R.J.; 戴憲弘-
2006Effects of sulfonated polyol on the properties of the resultant aqueous polyurethane dispersionsLee, H.T.; 鄭如忠; Wu, S.Y.; Jeng, R.J.-
2008Efficient and bright non-doped blue light-emitting diodes based on glassy styrylcarbazolesKuo, W.J.; 鄭如忠; Lin, S.L.; Chen, S.D.; Chang, C.P.; Lee, R.H.; Jeng, R.J.; 李榮和-
2012Efficient non-doped blue light emitting diodes based on novel carbazole-substituted anthracene derivativesChen, Y.H.; 李榮和; Lin, S.L.; Chang, Y.C.; Chen, Y.C.; Lin, J.T.; Lee, R.H.; Kuo, W.J.; Jeng, R.J.-
2011Electrochemical impedance characterization and photovoltaic performance of N719 dye-sensitized solar cells using quaternized ammonium iodide containing polyfluorene electrolyte solutionsLee, R.H.; 李榮和; Huang, Y.W.; Chang, J.W.; Hwang, J.C.; Chen, Y.C.; Jeng, R.J.-
2001Enhanced temporal stability of an NLO polyurethane via a two-dimensional chromophoreKuo, W.J.; 鄭如忠; Hsiue, G.H.; Jeng, R.J.-
2003Enhanced thermal properties and flame retardancy from a thermosetting blend of a phosphorus-containing bismaleimide and epoxy resinsJeng, R.J.; 鄭如忠; Lo, G.S.; Chen, C.P.; Liu, Y.L.; Hsiue, G.H.; Su, W.C.-
2000Enhancing the glass-transition temperature of polyimide copolymers containing 2,2 '-bipyridine units by the coordination of nickel malenonitriledithiolateChen, C.T.; 鄭如忠; Hsu, T.S.; Jeng, R.J.; Yeh, H.C.-
2011Exfoliation of layered silicates through in situ controlled free radical polymerization mediated by a silicate-anchored initiatorShau, S.M.; Juang, T.Y.; Ting, W.H.; Wu, M.Y.; Dai, S.H.A.; Jeng, R.J.-
2004Expandable graphite systems for phosphorus-containing unsaturated polyesters. I. Enhanced thermal properties and flame retardancyShih, Y.F.; 鄭如忠; Wang, Y.T.; Jeng, R.J.; Wei, K.M.-
2005Facile approach to polyurea/malonamide dendrons via a selective ring-opening addition reaction of azetidine-2,4-dioneChen, C.P.; 鄭如忠; Dai, S.A.; Chang, H.L.; Su, W.C.; Jeng, R.J.; 戴憲弘-