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2013Ball Impact Reliability of Zn-Sn High-Temperature Solder Joints Bonded with Different Substrates-
21-Dec-2016Development of Cu-Ag pastes for high temperature sustainable bondingChing-Huan Hsiao; Wan-Ting Kung; 宋振銘; Jenn-Ming Song; Jing-Yao Chang; Tao-Chih Chang
2015Direct bonding for dissimilar metals assisted by carboxylic acid vaporJenn-Ming Song; Shang-Kun Huang; Masatake Akaike; Tadatomo Suga
Nov-2013Effect of surface physics of metal oxides on the ability to formmetallic nanowires-
5-Apr-2017Electrochemical Corrosion Properties of Commercial Ultra-Thin Copper FoilsMing-Hsuan Yen; Jen-Hsiang Liu; 宋振銘; Jenn-Ming Song; Shih-Ching Lin
7-Feb-2017Enhanced Cu-to-Cu direct bonding by controlling surface physical propertiesPo-Hao Chiang; Sin-Yong Liang; 宋振銘; Jenn-Ming Song; Shang-Kun Huang; Ying-Ta Chiu; Chih-Pin Hung
22-Aug-2017High-power current and fatigue sustainable circuits prepared using low-temperature spray pyrolyzed submicron silver particlesChi-Nan Cheng; Rong-Ting Liou; 宋振銘; Jenn-Ming Song; Shao-Ju Shih
30-Sep-2016Kinetic study on low temperature coalescence of carboxylate-protected Ag nanoparticles for interconnect applicationsJenn-Ming Song; Tsung-Yun Pai; Kun-Hung Hsieh; Ming-Yan Lai; Chi-Nan Cheng; Sin-Yong Liang; Hsin-Yi Lee; Lung-Tai Chen; 宋振銘
27-Jun-2018Light enhanced direct Cu bonding for advanced electronic assemblySin-Yong Liang; Jenn-Ming Song; 宋振銘; Shang-Kun Huang; Ying-Ta Chiu; David Tarng; Chih-Pin Hung-
27-Jun-2018Low temperature de-oxidation for copper surface by catalyzed formic acid vaporPei-Wen Chou; Jenn-Ming Song; 宋振銘; Zong-Yu Xie; Masatake Akaike; Tadatomo Suga; Masahisa Fujino; Jing-Yuan Lin
May-2013Orientation dependence of the electrochemical corrosion properties of electrodeposited Cu foils-
2-Dec-2016Spectroscopic study on spontaneously grown silver@ultra-thin cerium oxide nanostructuresChi-Hang Tsai; Shih-Yun Chen; Jenn-Ming Song; Alexandre Gloter; 宋振銘
2015Spontaneous growth of ultra-thin titanium oxides shell on Ag nanowires: an electron energy loss spectroscope observationChi-Hang Tsai; Shih-Yun Chen; Jenn-Ming Song; Alexandre Gloter
15-Jun-2018Stress-enhanced Cu-to-Cu Bonding for MEMS PackagingJenn-Ming Song; Sin-Yong Liang; Zong-Yu Xie; Po-Hao Chiang; Shang-Kun Huang; Ying-Ta Chiu; David Tarng; Chih-Pin Hung; Jing-Yuan Lin
Jan-2013Texture and temperature dependence on the mechanical characteristics of copper electrodeposits-
Apr-2013Thermal stability of Cu@Ag core–shell nanoparticles-
2018奈米銀/次微米銀燒結行為分析與複合化熱化學低溫接合之應用宋振銘; Jenn-Ming Song; 劉仁翔; Jen-Hsiang Liu; 材料科學與工程學系所
2018奈米銀/次微米銀燒結行為分析與複合化熱化學低溫接合之應用宋振銘; Jenn-Ming Song; 劉仁翔; Jen-Hsiang Liu; 材料科學與工程學系所
2015應用於高功率晶片固晶熱壓製程與接點性質探討Jenn-Ming Song; 宋振銘; 范志豪; Chih-Hao Fan; 材料科學與工程學系所
2018超音波震盪噴霧熱解法製備次微米金屬/金屬氧化物顆粒及其性質宋振銘; Jenn-Ming Song; 鄭吉男; Ji-Nan Cheng; 材料科學與工程學系所