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2015Cu(I)-mediating Pt reduction to form Pt-nanoparticle-embedded Nafion composites and their electrocatalytic O2 reductionJing-Fang Huang; 黃景帆; 陳玟郁; Wen-Yu Chen; 化學系所
2014EDTA assisted selectively electrochemical detection of arsenite on a gold nanoparticles modified glassy carbon electrodeJing-Fang Huang; 黃景帆; 陳曉華; Hsiao-Hua Chen; 化學系所
2015Fabrication of metal hydroxide nanoboxes by using S2O32- as the coordinating etchant toward Cu2O cubic templatesJing-Fang Huang; 黃景帆; 施昀彣 Yun-Wen Shih; 化學系所
15-Nov-2018Facile fabrication of ascorbic acid reduced graphene oxide-modified electrodes toward electroanalytical determination of sulfamethoxazole in aqueous environmentsChiaying Chen; Yen-Chun Chen; Yu-Ting Hong; Ting-Wei Lee; Jing-Fang Huang; 陳佳吟
Nov-2013Gold-nanoparticle-embedded nafion composite modified on glassy carbon electrode for highly selective detection of arsenic(III)-
18-May-2018Making Ag Present Pt-like Activity for Hydrogen Evolution ReactionJing-Fang Huang; 黃景帆; Yi-Ching Wu
2012Microwave-Assisted Synthesis of Iron phosphate and the Ionic Conductivity李積琛; Chi-Shen Lee; 黃景帆; Jing-Fang Huang; Kuan-Jiu Lin; 林寬鋸; 葉美娟; Yeh, Mei-Chuan; 中興大學-
2011Nafion 修飾型紅外光感測器量測尿液中肌酸酐含量之效果探討黃悉雅; Hsi-Ya Huang; 黃景帆; Jing-Fang Huang; 楊吉斯; Jyisy Yang; 余奕麟; Yu, Yi-Lin; 中興大學-
2018Preparation of Pt3Ni(Pt-skin) thin layer modified Pd/C oxygen reaction electrocatalystsJing-Fang Huang; 黃景帆; Po-Kai Tseng; 曾柏凱; 化學系所
2012利用高結構回復性的奈米孔洞金電極同時偵測抗壞血酸與多巴胺李豐穎; 侯嘉洪; 黃景帆; Jing-Fang Huang; 范敏芝; Fan, Min-Chih; 中興大學-
2012含氮中孔碳材料的製備與定性黃景帆; Jing-Fang Huang; 陳灝元; Chen, Hao-Yuan; 化學系所-
2010無電極置換法製備之銀奈米粒其結構與紅外光表面增強效果受浸泡溶劑與覆膜分子之影響探討黃景帆; Jing-Fang Huang; 黃悉雅; Hsi-Ya Huang; 楊吉斯; Jyisy Yang; 周怡歆; Chou, Yi-Hsin; 中興大學-
2008酸性添加劑在無電極置換法中製備銀奈米材修飾拉曼散射基材之效果探討黃悉雅; Hsi-Ya Huang; 黃景帆; Jing-Fang Huang; 楊吉斯; Jyisy Yang; 黃原章; Huang, Yuan-Chang; 中興大學-