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2014The application of annealed barrel-plating nickel electrode in electroanalysisJyh-Myng Zen; 曾志明; 翁鈺鼎; Yu-Ting Weng; 化學系所
2015The Application of Nanostructured AuCu3 Alloy Electrode in Electroanalytical ChemistryJyh-Myng Zen; 曾志明; 吳俊宏; Chun-Hung Wu; 化學系所
2014The Application of Ultrasonic Polishing Technique to Develop Versatile and Disposable Screen-printed Carbon ElectrodesJyh-Myng Zen; 曾志明; 蘇雅鈴; Ya-Ling Su; 化學系所
2015The development and application of carbon nanoparticle in Electrogenerated Chemiluminescence (ECL)Jyh-Myng Zen; 曾志明; 彭崇文; Song-Man Pang; 化學系所
2014The Development and Application of Planarized Disposable Screen-printed Carbon ElectrodesJyh-Myng Zen; 曾志明; 馮俊方; Chun-Fang Feng; 化學系所
2014The Development and Application of Portable Gaseous Formaldehyde SensorJyh-Myng Zen; 曾志明; 李佩芸; Pei-Yun Lee; 化學系所
2015Development of nanosized alloy modified screen–printed edge band ultramicroelectrode for electrochemical sensorJyh-Myng Zen; 曾志明; 陳瑞明; Jui-Ming Chen; 化學系所
2005Effects of Different Ions and Compost on Movement of Paraquat in Soils Using Chemically Modified Electrode陳鴻基; Jyh-Myng Zen; 曾志明; Yang, Ting-Hao; 楊庭豪-
2014Electrochemical sensing applications based on an azo/hydrazo functional group containing polymelamine modified screen printed carbon electrode and electrogenerated chlorine assisted immobilization of 2,8-dihydroxyadenineJyh-Myng Zen; 曾志明; 柯山度; KRISHNAN SENTHILKUMAR; 化學系所
2014Enzyme immobilization and metal nanostructure decoration on functionalized electrode surface for sensor and fuel cell applicationsJyh-Myng Zen; 曾志明,; 雅哈; NATARAJAN THIYAGARAJAN; 化學系所
2014Fabrication and application of electrochemical gas sensors based on metal nanoparticals-deposited screen-printed carbon ultramicroelectrodesJyh-Myng Zen; 曾志明; 陳韋仲; Wei-Chung Chen; 化學系所
2015Facile preparation of highly stable copper/carbon composited nanomaterials combine with SPCE for electroanalytical applicationsJyh-Myng Zen; 曾志明; 廖世豪; Shi-Hao Liao; 化學系所
2010High performance catalytic materials for heterogeneous oxidative organic functional group transformations楊圖信; Tu-Hsin Yang; 陳如珍; 李志甫; 陳生明; Ru-Jen Cheng; Jyh-Fu Lee; Shen-Ming Cheng; 曾志明; Jyh-Myng Zen; 文奇; Venkatesan, Shanmuganathan; 中興大學-
Oct-2012Highly Stable Polymeric Ionic Liquid Modified Electrode to Immobilize Ferricyanide for Electroanalysis of Sulfide-
2009Highperformancecatalyticmaterialsforheterogeneousoxidativeorganicfunctionalgrouptransformations曾志明; Jyh-Myng Zen; 文奇; Venkatesan, Shanmuganathan; 中興大學-
2009Modified Screen-Printed Carbon Electrodes for Electrochemical Sensing楊吉斯; Jyisy Yang; 何佳安; 吳靖宙; 吳立真; Ja-an Annie Ho; Ching-Chou Wu; Li-Chen Wu; 曾志明; Jyh-Myng Zen; 蘇答; Prasad, Sudhakara; 中興大學-
2009ModifiedScreen-PrintedCarbonElectrodesforElectrochemicalSensing曾志明; Jyh-Myng Zen; 蘇答; Prasad, Sudhakara; 中興大學-
2018Oxygen and boronic acid functionalized screen printed carbon electrode for electrochemical sensorsJyh-Myng Zen; 曾志明; Thiruppathi Murugan; 莫西儒; 化學系所
2015Synthesis of novel polydopamine functionalized hybrid nanomaterials for energy and sensor applicationsJyh-Myng Zen; 曾志明; 莫拉里; Settu Murali; 化學系所
1996Tl(tpp)(O2CCF3)之分子結構及Tl(tpp)(O2CCF3) Tl(tmpp)(O2CCF3)19F動 力核磁共振之探討洪豐裕, 陳志鴻; Jyh-Myng Zen; 周龍芳; Chou, lung-fang-