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16-Jan-2016Antibacterial Peptide CecropinB2 Production via Various Host and Construct SystemsLai, Wei-Shiang; Kan, Shu-Chen; Lin, Chia-Chi; Shieh, Chwen-Jen; Liu, Yung-Chuan; 劉永銓
3-Dec-2016Clarification of the Antagonistic Effect of the Lipopeptides Produced by Bacillus amyloliquefaciens BPD1 against Pyricularia oryzae via In Situ MALDI-TOF IMS AnalysisLiao, Jen-Hung; Liao, Jen-Hung; Chen, Pi-Yu; Chen, Pi-Yu; Yang, Yu-Liang; Yang, Yu-Liang; Kan, Shu-Chen; Kan, Shu-Chen; Hsieh, Feng-Chia; Hsieh, Feng-Chia; Liu, Yung-Chang; Liu, Yung-Chang; 劉永銓
2011Corynebacterium glutamicum NCHU 87078及其噬菌體P1201之thymidylate synthase, intein及lytic enzyme的生化特性鄭隨和; 林榮流; 王雯靜; 楊武勇; 許文輝; 甘淑貞; Kan, Shu-Chen; 中興大學-
15-Feb-2015Development of an enzymatic chromatography strip with nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide-tetrazolium coupling reactions for quantitative l-lactate analysisKan, Shu-Chen; Chang, Wei-Feng; Lan, Min-Chi; Lin, Chia-Chi; Lai, Wei-Shiang; Shieh, Chwen-Jen; Hsiung, Kuang-Pin; Liu, Yung-Chuan-
May-2016Enhanced bioconversion rate and released substrate inhibition in (R)-phenylephrine whole-cell bioconversion via partial acetone treatmentKan, Shu-Chen; Zang, Chi-Zong; Yeh, Chiung-Wen; Chang, Wei-Feng; Lin, Chia-Chi; Hung, Tzu-Hsiang; Shieh, Chwen-Jen; Liu, Yung-Chuan; 劉永銓
26-Jul-2017Enhanced surfactin production via the addition of layered double hydroxidesKan, Shu-Chen; Lee, Chih-Chen; Hsu, Yu-Che; Peng, Yu-Hsiang; Chen, Cheng-Chun; Huang, Jia-Jun; Huang, Jenn-Wen; Shieh, Chwen-Jen; Juang, Tzong-Yuan; 劉永銓; Liu, Yung-Chuan
2014Identification and enhanced production of prodigiosin isoform pigment from Serratia marcescens N10612Zang, Chi-Zong; Yeh, Chiung-Wen; Chang, Wei-Feng; Lin, Chia-Chi; Kan, Shu-Chen; Shieh, Chwen-Jen; Liu, Yung-Chuan-
2014Quantitative and morphologic analysis on exopolysaccharide and biomass production from a truffle endophytic fungus Hypocreales sp. NCHU01Yeh, Chiung-Wen; Zang, Chi-Zong; Lin, Chia-Chi; Kan, Shu-Chen; Chang, Wei-Feng; Shieh, Chwen-Jen; Liu, Yung-Chuan-
Sep-2015Ultrasound-assisted (R)-phenylephrine whole-cell bioconversion by S. marcescens N10612Zang, Chi-Zong; Kan, Shu-Chen; Yeh, Chiung-Wen; Lin, Chia-Chi; Shieh, Chwen-Jen; Liu, Yung-Chuan-