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Oct-2016Azithromycin impairs TLR7 signaling in dendritic cells and improves the severity of imiquimod-induced psoriasis-like skin inflammation in miceHuang, Shi-Wei; Chen, Yi-Ju; Wang, Sin-Ting; Ho, Li-Wei; Kao, Jun-Kai; Narita, Miwako; Takahashi, Masuhiro; Wu, Chun-Ying; Cheng, Hsuan-Yu; Shieh, Jeng-Jer; 謝政哲
31-May-2016Chronic Iron Overload Results in Impaired Bacterial Killing of THP-1 Derived Macrophage through the Inhibition of Lysosomal AcidificationKao, Jun-Kai; Wang, Shih-Chung; Ho, Li-Wei; Huang, Shi-Wei; Chang, Shu-Hao; Yang, Rei-Cheng; Ke, Yu-Yuan; Wu, Chun-Ying; Wang, Jiu-Yao; Shieh, Jeng-Jer; 謝政哲
Feb-2016Heat-shock pretreatment reduces expression and release of TSLP from keratinocytes under Th2 environmentKao, Jun-Kai; Lee, Cheng-Han; Lee, Ming-Sheng; Hsu, Cheng-Sheng; Tsao, Long-Yen; Tsai, Yi-Giien; Shieh, Jeng-Jer; Yang, Rei-Cheng; 謝政哲-
Mar-2016Imiquimod activates p53-dependent apoptosis in a human basal cell carcinoma cell lineHuang, Shi-Wei; Chang, Shu-Hao; Mu, Szu-Wei; Jiang, Hsin-Yi; Wang, Sin-Ting; Kao, Jun-Kai; Huang, Jau-Ling; Wu, Chun-Ying; Chen, Yi-Ju; Shieh, Jeng-Jer-
May-2015Imiquimod-induced AMPK activation causes translation attenuation and apoptosis but not autophagyWang, Sin-Ting; Huang, Shi-Wei; Kao, Jun-Kai; Liang, Shu-Mei; Chen, Yi-Ju; Chen, Yu-Yu; Wu, Chun-Ying; Shieh, Jeng-Jer-
2-May-2017Imiquimod-induced autophagy is regulated by ER stress-mediated PKR activation in cancer cellsChang, Shu-Hao; Huang, Shi-Wei; Wang, Sin-Ting; Chung, Kai-Cheng; Hsieh, Chia-Wei; Kao, Jun-Kai; Chen, Yi-Ju; Wu, Chun-Ying; 謝政哲; Shieh, Jeng-Jer