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2010Ag2S quantum dot-sensitized solar cellsTubtimtae, A.; Wu, K.L.; Tung, H.Y.; Lee, M.W.; Wang, G.J.-
2011Ag2Se quantum-dot sensitized solar cells for full solar spectrum light harvestingTubtimtae, A.; Lee, M.W.; Wang, G.J.-
2009Angle-Resolved Field Emission of Individual Carbon NanotubesLee, M.W.; 李明威; Lai, W.C.; Kao, Y.Y.; Hsieh, T.L.; Huang, K.J.-
2009Correlated Electric Fluctuations in GaN Nanowire DevicesLi, L.C.; 李明威; Huang, S.Y.; Wei, J.A.; Suen, Y.W.; Lee, M.W.; Hsieh, W.H.; Liu, T.W.; Chen, C.C.-
2011Cu2-xS quantum dot-sensitized solar cellsLin, M.C.; Lee, M.W.-
2000Determination of the optical constants of the gamma-phase GdH3 thin filmsLee, M.W.; Lin, C.H.-
2008Electrical and optical properties of porphyrin single crystalsChen, Y.C.; Lee, M.W.; Li, L.L.; Lin, K.J.-
2010Fabrication of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells with a 3D Nanostructured ElectrodeChen, G.Y.; 王國禎; Lee, M.W.; Wang, G.J.; 李明威-
2002Far-infrared to visible transmission spectroscopy of single-wall carbon nanotubesLee, M.W.; Chen, Y.C.-
2003Interband optical transitions in GaP nanowires encapsulated in GaN nanotubesLee, M.W.; Hsueh, H.C.; Lin, H.M.; Chen, C.C.-
2011A Metal-Solution FET Enhanced Proton-Motive-Force Driving PhotovoltaicWang, G.J.; 王國禎; Lee, M.W.; Chen, W.Z.; Chen, Y.H.; Chien, M.C.; Yu, M.C.-
2007New technique for fabrication of individual carbon-nanotube field emittersLee, M.W.; Chen, Y.S.; Lai, W.C.; Suen, Y.W.; Wu, J.C.-
1999Optical properties of the gamma-phase yttrium trihydride YH3-deltaLee, M.W.; Shin, W.P.-
2011Photovoltaic Performance of New-Structure ZnO-nanorod Dye-Sensitized Solar CellsLai, M.H.; 王國禎; Lee, M.W.; Wang, G.J.; Tai, M.F.; 李明威-
2006Structural and magnetic properties of Mg(In(2-x)Mn(x))O(4) systemTai, M.F.; Lee, T.Y.; Lee, M.W.-
2009Synthesis, Optical and Photovoltaic Properties of Porphyrin DyesLee, M.W.; 葉鎮宇; Lee, D.L.; Yen, W.N.; Yeh, C.Y.; 李明威-
2008A TiO(2)/CNT Coaxial Structure and Standing CNT Array Laminated Photocatalyst to Enhance the Photolysis Efficiency of TiO(2)Wang, G.J.; 王國禎; Lee, M.W.; Chen, Y.H.-
2008Transport and magnetic properties of Mn-doped MgIn2-xO4Lee, M.W.; Tai, M.F.; Chiou, S.H.-
2001Variations of the infrared transmission properties with the metal-insulator transition in thin films of the yttrium-hydride systemLee, M.W.; Kuo, C.Y.; Lin, H.C.; Wang, H.C.-
2010ZnO-Nanorod Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells: New Structure without a Transparent Conducting Oxide LayerLai, M.H.; 王國禎; Tubtimtae, A.; Lee, M.W.; Wang, G.J.; 李明威-