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20111. TCP theta 類泛素後修飾研究2. PAX3 配對結構域突變蛋白的轉錄調控機制Liang-Jwu Chen; 陳良築; Ya-Li Yao; 姚雅莉; 楊文明; Wen-Ming Yang; 陽森; 中興大學-
2014Breeding for nutritional enhanced elite rice variety containing active peptides VVYP and lactoferrinLiang-Jwu Chen; 陳良築; 蔡欣如; Shin-Ru Tsai; 分子生物學研究所
2005Characterization and gene cloning of inositol phosphatase-like protein differentially expressed in a rice ( Oryza sativa L.) Tainung 67 and its grain mutant SA1443陳良築; Liang-Jwu Chen; 黃聰彥; Huang, Tsung-Yen-
2002The function of a chloroplast psbA mutant in herbicide resistant and the effect of a previous identified negative control region (NCR) in translation activity陳良築; Liang-Jwu Chen; 梁書翰; Liang, Su-Han-
2009Functional analysis of an abnormal growth mutant M0039314鍾美珠; 王強生; 陳良築; Liang-Jwu Chen; Chen, Po-Ju; 陳柏儒; 中興大學-
2005Functional Analysis of Rice Oleosin by RNA Interference陳良築; Liang-Jwu Chen; Chou, Anda; 周郁如-
2015Functional analysis of rice OsMADS14 and OsCP7 genesLiang-Jwu Chen; 陳良築; 陳潁芩; Ying-Chin Chen; 分子生物學研究所
1999Molecular cloning and characterization of chloroplast phage-type RNA polymerase gene.陳良築; Liang-Jwu Chen; 陳奕霖; Chen, Yih-Lin-
2012OsGA2oxs之功能研究 I.水稻OsGA2ox2基因之功能及其T-DNA插入活化突變體M43852之探討 II. C20 OsGA2ox6三個保留性motifs之功能探討余淑美; Su-May Yu; 鍾美珠; Mei-Chu Chung; 陳良築; Liang-Jwu Chen; 謝昆廷; Hsieh, Kun-Ting; 中興大學-
2013Overexpression of Bt Gene in Chloroplasts of Cabbage陳鴻霖; 陳俊麟; 紀銘坤; 陳良築; 曾夢蛟; Hung-Lin Chen; Chun-Lin Chen; Ming-Kun Chi; Liang-Jwu Chen; Menq-Jiau Tseng
2015Overexpression of OsMADS34 and OsCP7 affecting panicle development in riceLiang-Jwu Chen; 陳良築; 張斐涵; Fei-Han Chang; 分子生物學研究所
2002Production of porcine lactoferrin in transgenic rice: Selection of homozygous lines, protein purification and biological activity assay陳良築; Liang-Jwu Chen; 張繼中; Chang, Ji-Chung-
2004Production of thermostable D-hydantoinase in transgenic rice: selection of homozygous lines, protein purification and activity assay陳良築; Liang-Jwu Chen; 陳弘章; Chen, Hong-Zhang-
2002Promoter analysis of rice embryogenesis陳良築; Liang-Jwu Chen; 黃怡倩; Huang, Yi-Chien-
2013Proteomic Analysis of Glutinous Rice and Improvement of Mass Spectrometric Approach for Identification of Phosphopeptides何國榮; Guor-Rong Her; 陳玉如; 王強生; 陳良築; Yu-Ju Chen; Chang-Sheng Wang; Liang-Jwu Chen; Chien-Chen Lai; 賴建成; 劉志偉; Liu, Chih-Wei; 中興大學-
2005Rice functional genomics study with T-DNA insertion mutant- Characterization and gene expression analysis of a heading development mutant M0034845陳良築; Liang-Jwu Chen; 龔月珍; KUNG, YUEH-JEN-
2005Rice functional genomics study with T-DNA insertion mutants --Characterizetion and gene expression analysis of a growth and development mutant M0019081陳良築; Liang-Jwu Chen; 吳采馨; Wu, Tsai-Hsin-
2007Rice functional genomics study with T-DNA insertion mutants--Characterization and gene expression analysis of fertility and development mutants, M0017031 and M0017091余淑美; Su-May Yu; 鍾美珠; 王強生; 王國祥; Mei-Chu Chung; Chang-sheng Wang; Kuo-Shiang Wang; 陳良築; Liang-Jwu Chen; Chen, Chi-Wen; 陳季緯; 中興大學-
2015Searching for transcription factors involved in regulating expression of GA2ox genes and characterization of a high tiller number T-DNA insertion mutant M69217Liang-Jwu Chen; 陳良築; 白育旻; Yu-Min Pai; 分子生物學研究所
2003Transcription termination of leucine terminator by limiting concentration of rNTPs in vitro陳良築; Liang-Jwu Chen; 鄭榮宗; Cheng, Jung-Tsung-