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1997Ab initio calculation of energies and transition probabilities for the Be-like ionsLiaw, S.S.-
1998Ab initio calculation of the bond strength and the length of the molecule HFLiaw, S.S.-
2004Analysis of alkaline atoms in elliptic statesHuang, Y.S.; Chang, F.L.; Liaw, S.S.-
2003Auger width and branching ratios for berylliumlike 2s(2)2p(2) P-3 and 2s2p(3) S-5 resonancesLiaw, S.S.-
2009Brazil nut effect in a rectangular plate under horizontal vibrationChung, F.F.; Liaw, S.S.; Ju, C.Y.-
2011Brazil nut effect in annular containersChaiworn, P.; Chung, F.F.; Wang, C.Y.; Liaw, S.S.-
2011Collective motion of inelastic particles between two oscillating wallsChung, F.F.; Liaw, S.S.; Chang, W.C.-
2000Confined hydrogen in uniform electric fieldHuang, Y.S.; Liaw, S.S.-
2007Effective history length of the minority gameHung, C.H.; Liaw, S.S.-
2010Energy and phase transition in a horizontally vibrating granular systemChung, F.F.; Liaw, S.S.; Ho, M.C.-
2002Find the Mandelbrot-like sets in any mappingLiaw, S.S.-
2012Fish play Minority Game as humans doLiu, R.T.; Chung, F.F.; Liaw, S.S.-
2010Fractal Analysis of Stock Index and ElectrocardiographLiaw, S.S.; Chiu, F.Y.; Wang, C.Y.; Shiau, Y.H.-
2009Fractal dimensions of time sequencesLiaw, S.S.; Chiu, F.Y.-
2008Frequency distributions of complex systemsLiaw, S.S.-
2011Horizontal segregation of mono-layer granules coordinated by vertical motionLiaw, S.Y.; Chung, F.F.; Liaw, S.S.-
2007Horizontal size segregation in granular matterChung, F.F.; Liu, R.T.; Liaw, S.S.-
1999Level stability of the quantum dots with impurityHuang, Y.S.; Liaw, S.S.-
2006Maximize personal gain in the minority gameLiu, C.; Liaw, S.S.-
2007Oscillatory Turing patterns in a simple reaction-diffusion systemLiu, R.T.; Liaw, S.S.; Maini, P.K.-