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2011Absolute-energy-based active control strategies for linear seismic isolation systemsLu, L.Y.; Lin, G.L.; Lin, C.C.-
2000Conformational analysis of 1,2-di-O-octanoyl-ethylene-glycerol during aggregationLin, G.L.; Lu, C.P.-
2000Conformational analysis of biphenyl derivatives. I. A novel steric constant from the internal rotation rate of 2,2 '-bis-(N-substituted carbamoylmethyl)biphenyl by means of dynamic NMRLin, G.L.; Hwang, C.I.; Chouhwang, J.Y.; Tsai, H.J.-
2008Conformational freeze for the ethylene glycol backbone of 1,2-ethylene-di-N-n-propylcarbamate in the Triton X-100 mixed micelleChiou, S.Y.; Cheng, Y.R.; Lu, C.P.; Lin, L.Y.; Lin, G.L.-
2000Epoxy type inhibitors of cholesterol esterase, acetylcholinesterase, and butyrylcholinesteraseLin, G.L.; Kao, B.H.-
2010Experiment and analysis of a fuzzy-controlled piezoelectric seismic isolation systemLu, L.Y.; 林其璋; Lin, C.C.; Lin, G.L.; Lin, C.Y.-
2011Experiment of an ABS-type control strategy for semi-active friction isolation systemsLu, L.Y.; Lin, G.L.; Lin, C.Y.-
2012An experimental study on a generalized Maxwell model for nonlinear viscoelastic dampers used in seismic isolationLu, L.Y.; Lin, G.L.; Shih, M.H.-
2008H-1 NMR characterization of a combination model of the mixed micelle taurocholate and 1,2-ethylene-di-N-n-butylcarbamateChiou, S.Y.; Huang, C.F.; Cheng, Y.R.; Lu, C.P.; Lin, G.L.-
2009H-1 NMR Study of Mixed Micelles of Taurocholate and 1,2-Ethylene-di-N-n-propylcarbamateWu, Y.H.; Lin, G.L.-
2005Kinetics and mechanisms of acetylcholinesterase and butyrylcholinesterase inhibition by cardiovascular drugs and, benzodiazepinesChiou, S.Y.; Lai, G.W.; Tsai, Y.H.; Lee, Y.R.; Lin, L.Y.; Lin, G.L.-
2006Kinetics and mechanisms of cholesterol esterase inhibition by cardiovascular drugs in vitroChiou, S.Y.; Lai, G.W.; Lin, L.Y.; Lin, G.L.-
2006Kinetics and Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationships for Pseudomonas sp. Lipase-Catalyzed Hydrolysis of Both Monoesters and Diesters of Ethylene GlycolChiou, S.Y.; 林彥甫; Cheng, Y.R.; Lu, C.P.; Lin, Y.F.; Lin, L.Y.; Lin, G.L.-
1998Microwave-promoted lipase-catalyzed reactionsLin, G.L.; Lin, W.Y.-
1999Molecular recognition by acetylcholinesterase at the peripheral anionic site: Structure-activity relationships for inhibitions by aryl carbamatesLin, G.L.; Lai, C.Y.; Liao, W.C.-
2004Ortho effects and cross interaction correlations for the mechanisms of cholesterol esterase inhibition by aryl carbamatesLin, G.L.; Liu, Y.C.; Wu, Y.G.; Lee, Y.R.-
2005Ortho effects for inhibition mechanisms of butyrylcholinesterase by o-substituted phenyl N-butyl carbamates and comparison with acetylcholinesterase, cholesterol esterase, and lipaseLin, G.L.; Lee, Y.R.; Liu, Y.C.; Wu, Y.G.-
2003Ortho effects in quantitative structure activity relationships for lipase inhibition by aryl carbamatesLin, G.L.; Liu, Y.C.; Wu, Y.G.; Lee, Y.R.-
2010Protection of seismic structures using semi-active friction TMDLin, C.C.; 林其璋; Lin, G.L.; Wang, J.F.-
2009QSAR for Inhibition of Pseudomonas Species Lipase by 1-Acyloxy-3-N-n-octylcarbamyl-benzenesChiou, S.Y.; 林家立; Yu, G.Y.; Lin, G.L.-