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2006Comparative immunoproteomics of identification and characterization of virulence factors from Helicobacter pylori related to gastric cancerLin, Y.F.; 張嘉哲; Wu, M.S.; Chang, C.C.; Lin, S.W.; Lin, J.T.; Sun, Y.J.; Chen, D.S.; Chow, L.P.-
2012Efficient non-doped blue light emitting diodes based on novel carbazole-substituted anthracene derivativesChen, Y.H.; 李榮和; Lin, S.L.; Chang, Y.C.; Chen, Y.C.; Lin, J.T.; Lee, R.H.; Kuo, W.J.; Jeng, R.J.-
2007Elevated plasma osteopontin associated with gastric cancer development, invasion and survivalWu, C.Y.; 蔣恩沛; Wu, M.S.; Chiang, E.P.; Wu, C.C.; Chen, Y.J.; Chen, C.J.; Chi, N.H.; Chen, G.H.; Lin, J.T.-
1999Formation of TiSi2 thin films on stressed (001)Si substratesCheng, S.L.; Huang, H.Y.; Peng, Y.C.; Chen, L.J.; Tsui, B.Y.; Tsai, C.J.; Guo, S.S.; Yang, Y.R.; Lin, J.T.-
2010Histamine(2)-Receptor Antagonists Are an Alternative to Proton Pump Inhibitor in Patients Receiving ClopidogrelWu, C.Y.; Chan, F.K.L.; Wu, M.S.; Kuo, K.N.; Wang, C.B.; Tsao, C.R.; Lin, J.T.-
2011Long-term peptic ulcer rebleeding risk estimation in patients undergoing haemodialysis: a 10-year nationwide cohort studyWu, C.Y.; Wu, M.S.; Kuo, K.N.; Wang, C.B.; Chen, Y.J.; Lin, J.T.-
2007Plasma matrix metalloproteinase-9 level is better than serum matrix metalloproteinase-9 level to predict gastric cancer evolutionWu, C.Y.; 蔣恩沛; Wu, M.S.; Chiang, E.P.; Chen, Y.J.; Chen, C.J.; Chi, N.H.; Shih, Y.T.; Chen, G.H.; Lin, J.T.-