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2008Application of immune algorithms on solving minimum-cost problem of water distribution networkChu, C.W.; 林明德; Lin, M.D.; Liu, G.F.; Sung, Y.H.-
2010Characteristics of two types of stabilized nano zero-valent iron and transport in porous mediaLin, Y.H.; 魏銘彥; Tseng, H.H.; Wey, M.Y.; Lin, M.D.; 林明德-
2009Characteristics, morphology, and stabilization mechanism of PAA250K-stabilized bimetal nanoparticlesLin, Y.H.; 魏銘彥; Tseng, H.H.; Wey, M.Y.; Lin, M.D.; 林明德-
2008Characterization of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon emission from open burning of joss paperRau, J.Y.; 魏銘彥; Tseng, H.H.; Lin, M.D.; Wey, M.Y.; Lin, Y.H.; Chu, C.W.; Lee, C.H.; 林明德-
2008Characterizing PAH emission concentrations in ambient air during a large-scale joss paper open-burning eventLin, M.D.; 魏銘彥; Rau, J.Y.; Tseng, H.H.; Wey, M.Y.; Chu, C.W.; Lin, Y.H.; Wei, M.C.; Lee, C.H.; 林明德-
2003Determining aerodynamic roughness using tethersonde and heat flux measurements in an urban area over a complex terrainTsuang, B.J.; 莊秉潔; Tsai, J.L.; Lin, M.D.; Chen, C.L.; 林明德-
2012An economic evaluation and assessment of environmental impact of the municipal solid waste management system for Taichung City in TaiwanChang, Y.J.; Chu, C.W.; Lin, M.D.-
2009Effects of H2O and Particles on the Simultaneous Removal of SO2 and Fly Ash Using a Fluidized-Bed Sorbent/Catalyst ReactorRau, J.Y.; Chen, J.C.; Wey, M.Y.; Lin, M.D.-
2009Estimating the sound absorption coefficients of perforated wooden panels by using artificial neural networksLin, M.D.; 林明德; Tsai, K.T.; Su, B.S.; 蔡岡廷-
2010Evaluation of SO2 oxidation and fly ash filtration by an activated carbon fluidized-bed reactor: The effects of acid modification, copper addition and operating conditionRau, J.Y.; Tseng, H.H.; Chiang, B.C.; Wey, M.Y.; Lin, M.D.-
2006Evaluation of solid waste management strategies in the Taipei metropolitan area of TaiwanLin, M.D.; 林明德; Wang, C.C.; Lin, C.F.-
2008Factors influencing regional municipal solid waste management strategiesWang, C.C.; 林明德; Lin, M.D.; Lin, C.F.-
2009Noise mapping in urban environments: A Taiwan studyTsai, K.T.; 林明德; Lin, M.D.; Chen, Y.H.; 蔡岡廷-
2009Prioritizing Pipe Replacement in a Water Distribution System Using a Seismic-Based Artificial Neural Network ModelHo, C.I.; 林明德; Lin, M.D.; Lo, S.L.-
2010Removal the Coal Ash, NO, and SO2 Simultaneously by the Fluidized-Bed Catalyst ReactorRau, J.Y.; Chen, J.C.; Lin, M.D.; Wey, M.Y.-
2009Retrospective assessment of air quality management practices in TaiwanKuo, P.H.; 莊秉潔; Ni, P.C.; Keats, A.; Tsuang, B.J.; Lan, Y.Y.; Lin, M.D.; Chen, C.L.; Tu, Y.Y.; Chang, L.F.; Chang, K.H.; 林明德-
2007Scatter search heuristic for least-cost design of water distribution networksLin, M.D.; 林明德; Liu, Y.H.; Liu, G.F.; Chu, C.W.-
2010Use of a GIS-based hybrid artificial neural network to prioritize the order of pipe replacement in a water distribution networkHo, C.I.; 林明德; Lin, M.D.; Lo, S.L.-
2009Vertical Profile of Ozone and Accompanying Air Pollutant Concentrations Observed at a Downwind Foothill Site of Industrial and Urban AreasTseng, K.H.; 莊秉潔; Chen, C.L.; Lin, M.D.; Chang, K.H.; Tsuang, B.J.; 林明德-
2002Wintertime vertical profiles of air pollutants over a suburban area in central TaiwanChen, C.L.; 莊秉潔; Tsuang, B.J.; Tu, C.Y.; Cheng, W.L.; Lin, M.D.; 林明德-