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2011An analytical model for input-buffered optical packet switches with reconfiguration overheadChou, K.H.; Lin, W.-
2010Application of Porcine Lipase Secreted by Pichia pastoris to Improve Fat Digestion and Growth Performance of Postweaning PigletsLiu, F.C.; 陳全木; Chen, H.L.; Lin, W.; Tung, Y.T.; Lai, C.W.; Hsu, A.L.; Chen, C.M.-
2011Comparison of Differential Pulse Voltammetry (DPV)-a new method of carbamazepine analysis-with Fluorescence Polarization Immunoassay (FPIA)Wang, H.Y.; Pan, M.L.; Su, Y.L.O.; Tsai, S.C.; Kao, C.H.; Sun, S.S.; Lin, W.-
2007Delivering relative differentiated services in future high-speed networks using hierarchical dynamic deficit round robinWu, C.C.; Wu, H.M.; Lin, W.-
1999Efficient nonblocking multicast communications on baseline networksLin, W.; Chen, W.S.E.-
2007Emulating output queueing with parallel packet switchesLiu, C.L.; Wu, C.C.; Lin, W.-
2010Granzyme G is expressed in the two-cell stage mouse embryo and is required for the maternal-zygotic transitionTsai, T.C.; 陳全木; Lin, W.; Yang, S.H.; Cheng, W.T.K.; Cheng, E.H.; Lee, M.S.; Chong, K.Y.; Chen, C.M.-
2008High-performance packet scheduling to provide relative delay differentiation in future high-speed networksWu, C.C.; Wu, H.M.; Lin, W.-
2007Improving inter-server fairness in active queue managementWu, H.M.; Wu, C.C.; Lin, W.-
2007Inhibition of renal uptake of radiolabelled somatostatin analoguesLin, Y.; Chang, W.; Lin, W.-
2011A latency-aware scheduling algorithm for all-optical packet switching networks with FDL buffersChou, K.H.; Lin, W.-
2007Mathematical analysis of the parallel packet switch with a sliding window schemeLiu, C.L.; Wu, C.C.; Lin, W.-
2010Performance analysis of a packet prioritisation algorithm for optical-packet-switching networksChou, K.H.; Lin, W.-
2011Performance Analysis of Optical Packet Switches with Reconfiguration OverheadChou, K.H.; Lin, W.-
2007Performance modeling and analysis of parallel packet switches with piao queuesLiu, C.L.; Tsaur, D.J.; Wu, C.C.; Lin, W.-
2010A performance-oriented risk management framework for innovative R&D projectsWang, J.T.; 王瑞德; Lin, W.; Huang, Y.H.-
2010Porcine lactoferrin administration enhances peripheral lymphocyte proliferation and assists infectious bursal disease vaccination in native chickensHung, C.M.; 陳全木; Yeh, C.C.; Chen, H.L.; Lai, C.W.; Kuo, M.F.; Yeh, M.H.; Lin, W.; Tu, M.Y.; Cheng, H.C.; Chen, C.M.-
2010Probiotic Lactobacillus casei Expressing Human Lactoferrin Elevates Antibacterial Activity in the Gastrointestinal TractChen, H.L.; 陳全木; Lai, Y.W.; Chen, C.S.; Chu, T.W.; Lin, W.; Yen, C.C.; Lin, M.F.; Tu, M.Y.; Chen, C.M.-
2007Sliding-window parallel packet switch for high-speed networksLiu, C.L.; Wu, C.C.; Lin, W.-
2007Speedup requirements for output queuing emulation with a parallel packet switchLiu, C.L.; Wu, C.C.; Lin, W.-