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1-Feb-2012A biocide-free mineral oil nanoemulsion exhibiting strong bactericidal activity against Mycobacterium immunogenum and Pseudomonas aeruginosaChang, Shu-Chi; Lin, Shang-Jie; Chen, Tzu-Wen; Lin, Yao-Tung; Wei-Chun Wang-
2014Effect of oxygen, moisture, and temperature on the photo oxidation of ethylene on N-doped TiO2 catalystLin, Yao-Tung; Weng, Chih-Huang; Hsu, Hui-Jan; Huang, Jenn-Wen; Srivastav, Arun Lal; Shiesh, Ching-Chang-
2014Effective removal of copper ions from aqueous solution using base treated black tea wasteWeng, Chih-Huang; Lin, Yao-Tung; Hong, Deng-Yen; Sharma, Yogesh Chandra; Chen, Shih-Chieh; Tripathi, Kumud-
2014Electrochemical Regeneration of Zn-Saturated Granular Activated Carbon from Electroplating Wastewater PlantWeng, Chih-Huang; Lin, Yao-Tung; Hsu, Shih-Chieh-
2014Enhanced Antifungal Bioactivity of Coptis Rhizome Prepared by Ultrafining TechnologyKuo, Ping-Chung; Lin, Yao-Tung; Yang, Mei-Lin; Liao, Ming-Yuan; Chen, Guo-Feng; Chen, Po-Hsun; Wong, Lin-Fu; Huang, Jenn-Wen
2014Enhancement of the advanced Fenton process by ultrasound for decolorisation of real textile wastewaterWeng, Chih-Huang; Lin, Yao-Tung; Liu, Na; Yang, Hong-Yang-
2014Functional annotation of proteomic data from chicken heterophils and macrophages induced by carbon nanotube exposureLi, Yun-Ze; Cheng, Chung-Shi; Chen, Chao-Jung; Li, Zi-Lin; Lin, Yao-Tung; Chen, Shuen-Ei; Huang, San-Yuan
2014Hyperspectral sensing for turbid water quality monitoring in freshwater rivers: Empirical relationship between reflectance and turbidity and total solidsWu, Jiunn-Lin; Ho, Chung-Ru; Huang, Chia-Ching; Srivastav, Arun Lal; Tzeng, Jing-Hua; Lin, Yao-Tung
2014Key operating parameters affecting photocatalytic activity of visible-light-induced C-doped TiO2 catalyst for ethylene oxidationLin, Yao-Tung; Weng, Chih-Huang; Chen, Fang-Ying-