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2006Application of a portable measuring system with acoustic Doppler current profiler to discharge observations in steep riversLu, J.Y.; 盧昭堯; Su, C.C.; Wang, C.Y.-
1998Characteristics of shallow rain-impacted flow over smooth bedLu, J.Y.; 盧昭堯; Chen, J.Y.; Chang, F.H.; Lu, T.F.-
2009Closure to "Field Measurements and Simulation of Bridge Scour Depth Variations during Floods" by J.-Y. Lu, J.-H. Hong, C.-C. Su, C.-Y. Wang, and J.-S. LaiLu, J.Y.; 盧昭堯; Hong, J.H.; Su, C.C.; Wang, C.Y.; Lai, J.S.-
1998Discharge measurement of rapid streamflow using an acoustic Doppler profilerLu, J.Y.; 盧昭堯; Wang, C.Y.; Su, C.C.-
2009Experimental study of extreme shear stress for shallow flow under simulated rainfallLu, J.Y.; 盧昭堯; Lee, J.J.; Lu, T.F.; Hong, J.H.-
2008Field measurements and simulation of bridge scour depth variations during floodsLu, J.Y.; 盧昭堯; Hong, J.H.; Su, C.C.; Wang, C.Y.; Lai, J.S.-
2003Measurement and simulation of turbulent flow in a steep open-channel with smooth boundaryLu, J.Y.; 盧昭堯; Hong, J.H.; Wang, C.Y.; Lee, K.Z.; Yang, H.C.-
2008Neural network modelling for mean velocity and turbulence intensities of steep channel flowsChang, F.J.; 盧昭堯; Yang, H.C.; Lu, J.Y.; Hong, J.H.-
2008Number and volume raindrop size distributions in TaiwanLu, J.Y.; 盧昭堯; Su, C.C.; Lu, T.F.; Maa, M.M.-
2009Saddlepoint Approximations for a Product and Its ApplicationLu, T.F.C.; 盧昭堯; Chen, J.L.; Lu, J.Y.-
2001Turbulence intensities of shallow rain-impacted flow over rough bedLu, J.Y.; 盧昭堯; Chen, J.Y.; Hong, J.H.; Lu, T.F.; Liu, C.S.-