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2006Asymmetric synthesis of alpha,alpha-disubstituted alpha-amino acids by diastereoselective alkylation of camphor-based tricyclic iminolactoneXu, P.F.; 陸大榮; Li, S.; Lu, T.J.; Wu, C.C.; Fan, B.T.; Golfis, G.-
2008Asymmetric Synthesis of alpha-Amino Acids: Preparation and Alkylation of Monocyclic Iminolactones Derived from alpha-Methyl trans-CinnamaldehydeLu, T.J.; 陸大榮; Lin, C.K.-
2005Cold instability of aponeocarzinostatin and its stabilization by labile chromophoreJayachithra, K.; 金德航; Kumar, T.K.S.; Lu, T.J.; Yu, C.; Chin, D.H.; 陸大榮-
2008Is association of labile enediyne chromophore a mutually assured protection for carrier protein?Kandaswamy, J.; 金德航; Hariharan, P.; Kumar, T.K.S.; Yu, C.; Lu, T.J.; Chin, D.H.; 陸大榮-
2000Microwave accelerated cycloaddition reactions of nitrile oxides and allylic alcoholsLu, T.J.; 陸大榮; Tzeng, G.M.-
1999Pinane-type tridentate reagents for enantioselective reactions: Reduction of ketones and addition of diethylzinc to aldehydesCherng, Y.J.; 陸大榮; Fang, J.M.; Lu, T.J.-
2003Preparation and properties of 2-(9 '-carbazolyi)-3-(8 ''-hydroxy-2 ''-quinolinyl)acrylonitrile derivativesXu, P.F.; 陸大榮; Chow, T.J.; Lin, R.; Lu, T.J.-
2003Selective synthesis of either enantiomer of alpha-amino acids by switching the regiochemistry of the tricyclic iminolactones prepared from a single chiral sourceXu, P.F.; 陸大榮; Lu, T.J.-
2010A simple method for the oxidation of primary alcohols with o-iodoxybenzoic acid (IBX) in the presence of acetic acidLin, C.K.; 陸大榮; Lu, T.J.-
2005A straightforward route to the asymmetric synthesis of 3,4-diepipolyoxamic acid and its isomersLi, S.; 陸大榮; Hui, X.P.; Yang, S.B.; Jia, Z.J.; Xu, P.F.; Lu, T.J.-
1998Ultrasound accelerated coupling reaction of Grignard reagents with 1,3-dioxolanes of alpha,beta-unsaturated aldehydesLu, T.J.; 陸大榮; Cheng, S.M.; Sheu, L.J.-