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2004(Antonie van Leeuwenhoek International Jouranal of General and Molecular Microbiology,86(4):355-362)Generating oxidation-resistant variants of Bacillus kaustophilus leucine amino-peptidase by substitution of the critical methionine residues with leucineM.C. Chi; W.M. Chou; C.H. Wang; W. Chen; W.H. Hsu; L.L. Lin; 國立中興大學分子生物學研究所-
2005(Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering,27(6):389-398)Construction and one-step purification of Bacillus kaustophilus leucine aminopeptidase fused to the starch-binding domain of Bacillus sp. strain TS-23 α-amylaseH.B. Huang; M.C. Chi; W.H. Hsu; W.C. Liang; L.L. Lin; 國立中興大學分子生物學研究所-
2004(Bioscience Biotechnology Biochemistry,68(8):1794-1797)Identification of amino acid residues essential for the catalytic reaction of Bacillus kaustophilus leucine aminopeptidaseM.C. Chi; W.M. Chou; W.H. Hsu; L.L. Lin; 國立中興大學分子生物學研究所-
2003(Extremophiles,07(6):505-509)Identification of essential histidine residues in a recombinant α-amylase of thermophilic and alkaliphilic Bacillus sp. strain TS-23C.T. Chang; H.F. Lo; M.C. Chi; C.Y. Yao; W.H Hsu; L.L. Lin; 國立中興大學分子生物學研究所-
2004(Extremophiles,08(1):079-087)A thermostable leucine aminopeptidase from Bacillus kaustophilus CCRC 11223L.L. Lin; W.H. Hsu; C.P. Wu; M.C. Chi; W.M. Chou; H.Y. Hu; 國立中興大學分子生物學研究所-
2004(Journal of Industrial Microbiology & Biotechnology,31(6):273-277)Fusion of Bacillus stearothermophilus leucine aminopeptidase II with the raw starch-binding domain of Bacillus sp. strain TS-23 α-amylase generates a chimeric enzyme with enhanced thermostability and catalytic activityY.W. Hua; M.C. Chi; H.F. Lo; W.H. Hsu; L.L. Lin; 國立中興大學分子生物學研究所-