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2003A 1.2-V fully integrated 2.4-GHz low-noise amplifier in 0.35-mu m CMOS technologyMeng, C.C.; Chiang, M.H.; Wu, T.H.-
20012.4 GHz CMOS double balanced Gilbert cell micromixerChen, H.C.; Meng, C.C.; Lu, S.S.-
2005A 5.2-GHz GaInP/GaAs HBT double-quadrature downconverter with polyphase filters for 40-dB image rejectionMeng, C.C.; Sung, D.W.; Huang, G.W.-
2005A+0.18-mu+m+CMOS+CMFB+downconversion+micromixer+with+deep+N-well+technology+for+LO-RF+and+LO-IF+isolation+improvementsMeng, C.C.; Hsu, S.K.; Wu, T.H.; Huang, G.W.-
2005Analysis of DC characteristics and small signal equivalent circuit parameters of GaAs metal-semiconductor field effect transistors with different gate lengths and different gate contours by two-dimensional device simulationsMeng, C.C.; Su, J.Y.; Yang, S.M.-
1999Analysis of millimeter-wave GaN impatt oscillator at elevated temperatureMeng, C.C.; Liao, G.R.; Chen, J.W.-
1998Analysis of SiC impatt device in millimeter-wave frequenciesMeng, C.C.; Liao, G.R.-
2002Analysis, design, and optimization of InGaP-GaAsHBT matched-impedance wide-band amplifiers with multiple feedback loopsChiang, M.C.; Lu, S.S.; Meng, C.C.; Yu, S.A.; Yang, S.C.; Chan, Y.J.-
2003DC to 8 GHz 11 dB gain Gilbert micromixer using GaInP/GaAs HBT technologyMeng, C.C.; Lu, S.S.; Chiang, M.H.; Chen, H.C.-
2003DC-2-1 GHz CMOS multiple feedback transimpedance amplifiers with high dynamic range and linearityChiang, M.C.; Chen, P.Y.; Lu, S.S.; Meng, C.C.-
2005Determining GaInP/GaAs HBT device structure by DC measurements on a two-emitter HBT device and high frequency transit time measurementsMeng, C.C.; Tsou, B.C.; Tseng, S.C.-
1999The effect of gate recess profile on device performance of Ga0.51In0.49P/In0.2Ga(0.8)As doped-channel FET'sLu, S.S.; Meng, C.C.; Lin, Y.S.; Lan, H.-
2006The effect of selectively and fully ion-implanted collector on RF characteristics of BJT devicesMeng, C.C.; Su, J.Y.; Tsou, B.C.; Huang, G.W.-
2002GaAs MESFET rf I-V curve through unique determination of small-signal circuit parameters from measured S parametersMeng, C.C.; Huang, G.H.-
2006High-linear-power MESFET devices using source-degeneration inductance and input-impedance mismatchMeng, C.C.; Wang, W.-
2001Ion-implanted planar-gate GaAs MESFET optimized for single-voltage-supply operationMeng, C.C.; Chen, J.W.; Liu, S.J.-
2005A monolithic 5.2-GHz single-ended input and single-ended output GaInP/GaAs HBT upconversion Gilbert mixer with integrated oscillatorMeng, C.C.; Hsu, S.K.; Huang, G.W.-
2001A novel interpretation of transistor S-parameters by poles and zeros for RF IC circuit designLu, S.S.; Meng, C.C.; Chen, T.W.; Chen, H.C.-
2001The origin of the kink phenomenon of transistor scattering parameter S-22Lu, S.S.; Meng, C.C.; Chen, T.W.; Chen, H.C.-
1999Performance of millimeter-wave GaInP IMPATT device at elevated temperatureMeng, C.C.; Liao, G.R.-