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Apr-2013Design of a Pt/TiO2–xNx/SrTiO3 triplejunction for effective photocatalyticH2 production under solar light irradiation-
17-Mar-2018Enhancing the CO2 plasticization resistance of PS mixed-matrix membrane by blunt zeolitic imidazolate frameworkGuo-Liang Zhuang; Hui-Hsin Tseng; Petr Uchytil; Ming-Yen Wey; 魏銘彥
24-Nov-2017Excellent dispersion and charge separation of SrTiO3-TiO2 nanotube derived from a two-step hydrothermal process for facilitating hydrogen evolution under sunlight irradiationEn-Chin Su; Bing-Shun Huang; Ju-Ting Lee; Ming-Yen Wey; 魏銘彥
13-Apr-2018Facile synthesis of CO2-selective membrane derived from butyl reclaimed rubber (BRR) for efficient CO2 separationGuo-Liang Zhuang; Hui-Hsin Tseng; Ming-Yen Wey
Jan-2013The properties and filtration efficiency of activated carbon polymer composite membranes for the removal of humic acid-
2014Pt/N-TiO2/SrTiO3 光觸媒應用於降解實廠廢水中之 EDTA 並同時產氫之研究魏銘彥; Ming-Yen Wey; Yi-Jean Gong; 龔怡禎; 環境工程學系所
2013Pt/TiO2-AC與Pt/TiO2-MWCNT觸媒光催化降解EDTA廢水並產氫之研究魏銘彥; Ming-Yen Wey; 劉昭彰; liou, jau-jang; 環境工程學系所-
2012Pt/TiO2-xNx/SrTiO3光觸媒以提升太陽能光解水產氫速率魏銘彥; Ming-Yen Wey; 黃柄橓; Huang, Bing-Shun; 環境工程學系所-
10-Apr-2018Reuse of bottom ash and fly ash from mechanical-bed and fluidized-bed municipal incinerators in manufacturing lightweight aggregatesKui-Hao Chuang; Chien-Hsing Lu; Jyh-Cherng Chen; Ming-Yen Wey; 魏銘彥
Feb-2013Woody waste air gasification in fluidized bed with Ca- and Mgmodified bed materials and additives-
1999不同焚化操作條件下產生的吸附劑之萃取脫附研究魏銘彥; Ming-Yen Wey; 顏名宏; Yan, Ming-Hong-
2008中孔洞擔體觸媒於空氣污染防制上之應用鄭曼婷; Man-Ting Cheng; 謝樹木; 吳石乙; 方國權; 李宏台; Shu-Mu Hsieh; Shu-Yii Wu; Guor-Cheng Fang; 魏銘彥; Ming-Yen Wey; 盧啟元; Lu, Chi-Yuan; 中興大學-
2002以三向觸媒同時處理焚化廢棄中有機污染物、CO 及NOx 之研究魏銘彥; Ming-Yen Wey; 葉家伶-
2011以二次生長法合成MFI薄膜探討表面型態與氣體滲透之研究吳石乙; Shu-Yii Wu; 謝樹木; Shu- Mu Hsieh; 魏銘彥; Ming-Yen Wey; 張馨方; Chang, Hsin-Fang; 中興大學-
2009以可見光光觸媒對揮發性有機物之光催化研究方國權; Guor-Cheng Fang; 謝樹木; 曾惠馨; Shu-Mu Hsieh; Hui-Hsin Tseng; 魏銘彥; Ming-Yen Wey; 黃柄橓; Huang, Bing-Shun; 中興大學-
2015以多元醇法製備TiO2光觸媒降解AR1染料之研究魏銘彥; Ming-Yen Wey; Wen-Ying Li; 李文英; 環境工程學系所
2002以活性碳為擔體之觸媒/吸附劑應用於焚化廢氣SO2之研究魏銘彥; Ming-Yen Wey; 傅政豪; Fu, Cheng-Hao-
2002以流體化床控制焚化廢氣中污染物之研究魏銘彥; Ming-Yen Wey; 蔣博欽; Chiang, Bo-Chin-
2008以流體化床過濾粒狀物及有機物之研究劉光宇; 李清華; 魏銘彥; Ming-Yen Wey; 陳駿樑; Chen, Jing-Liang; 中興大學-
2015以真空輔助浸塗法製備管柱式碳分子篩選薄膜之結構特徵與氣體分選效能之探討魏銘彥; Ming-Yen Wey; Po-Yu Cheng; 鄭博育; 環境工程學系所