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2011An amorphous silicon random nanocone/polymer hybrid solar cellPei, Z.; 裴靜偉; Thiyagu, S.; Jhong, M.S.; Hsieh, W.S.; Cheng, S.J.; Ho, M.W.; Chen, Y.H.; Liu, J.C.; Yeh, C.M.-
2007Carrier transport mechanism in a nanoparticle-incorporated organic bistable memory deviceLin, H.T.; 裴靜偉; Pei, Z.; Chan, Y.J.-
2011Gold nanomesh induced surface plasmon for photocurrent enhancement in a polymer solar cellDevi, B.P.; 裴靜偉; Wu, K.C.; Pei, Z.-
2007Nonvolatile polycrystalline silicon thin film transistor memory using silicon-rich silicon nitride as charge storage layerPei, Z.; 裴靜偉; Chung, A.; Hwang, H.L.-
2010Oligomer semiconductor/dielectric interface modification for organic thin film transistor hysteresis reductionHuang, T.H.; 張書通; Pei, Z.; Lin, W.K.; Chang, S.T.; Liu, K.C.; 裴靜偉-
2011A poly(styrene-co-methyl methacrylate)/room-temperature sputtered hafnium oxide bi-layer dielectrics as gate insulator for a low voltage organic thin-film transistorsHuang, T.H.; 張書通; Liu, K.C.; Pei, Z.; Lin, W.K.; Chang, S.T.; 裴靜偉-
2010TCAD simulation of hydrogenated amorphous silicon-carbon/microcrystalline-silicon/hydrogenated amorphous silicon-germanium PIN solar cellsChang, S.T.; 張書通; Tang, M.; He, R.Y.; Wang, W.C.; Pei, Z.; Kung, C.Y.; 裴靜偉; 貢中元-
2011Ultra high-density silicon nanowires for extremely low reflection in visible regimePei, T.H.; 裴靜偉; Thiyagu, S.; Pei, Z.-