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2007Broad-spectrum resistance to distinct tospoviruses in transgenic tobacco carrying the conserved region of the L protein of Watermelon silver mottle virusYeh, S.D.; 葉錫東; Chen, T.C.; Peng, J.C.; Liu, F.L.; Wu, Y.L.-
2004Effects of composition levels on the cellular structure and the thermal properties of biodegradable cushioning extrudatesLui, W.B.; 彭錦樵; Peng, J.C.-
2003The effects of die shapes and additives on the physical and biodegradable properties of biodegradable cushioning extruded foamsLui, W.B.; 彭錦樵; Peng, J.C.-
2007Effects of initial load levels and crosshead speed levels on viscoelastic properties of biodegradable loose fill extrudatesLui, W.B.; 彭錦樵; Peng, J.C.-
2005Effects of operating conditions on degradable cushioning extrudate's cellular structure and the specific heatLui, W.B.; 彭錦樵; Peng, J.C.-
2003Effects of operating conditions on the cellular structure and the thermal properties of extruded foams made from cornLui, W.B.; 彭錦樵; Peng, J.C.-
2011Emerging threat of thrips-borne Melon yellow spot virus on melon and watermelon in TaiwanPeng, J.C.; Yeh, S.D.; Huang, L.H.; Li, J.T.; Cheng, Y.F.; Chen, T.C.-
2005Response surface optimization of the feed compositions of biodegradable packaging foamsPeng, J.C.; 彭錦樵; Wei, K.S.; Lui, W.B.-
2010Serological relationship between Melon yellow spot virus and Watermelon silver mottle virus and differential detection of the two viruses in cucurbitsChen, T.C.; 葉錫東; Lu, Y.Y.; Cheng, Y.H.; Li, J.T.; Yeh, Y.C.; Kang, Y.C.; Chang, C.P.; Huang, L.H.; Peng, J.C.; Yeh, S.D.-