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17-Jul-2018Annealing effect of NiO/Co90Fe10 thin films: From bilayer to nanocompositeXu Li; Yu-Chi Chang; Jiann-Yeu Chen; Ko-Wei Lin; 林克偉; Ryan D. Desautels; Johan van Lierop; Philip W.T. Pong
Jan-2013Effect of annealing temperature on microstructure and magnetism of FePt/TaOx bilayer-
Feb-2013Enhanced structural and magnetic ordering of FePt/TiOx bilayers by ion-beam deposition and annealing-
May-2012Exchange bias effects of NiFe/NiO bilayers through ion-beam bombardment on the NiO surface-
12-Jun-2017Exchange bias study of sub-100 nm-diameter CoFeB/IrMn antidot and nanodot arrays fabricated by nanosphere lithographyX. Li; C.W. Leung; C.-C. Chiu; 林克偉; K.-W. Lin; Mansun Chan; Y. Zhou; Philip W.T. Pong
18-Aug-2016Influence of Cr2O3 thickness on the magnetic properties of NiFe/Cr2O3 bilayers deposited on SrTiO3 single-crystalline substrateYu-Chi Chang; Xu Li; Ryan D. Desautels; 林克偉; Ko-Wei Lin; Johan van Lierop; Antonio Ruotolo; Philip W.T. Pong
8-Jun-2017Influence of different stoichiometric Cr-oxides created via oxygen ion-beam bombardment on the magnetism of the NiFe/Cr-oxide exchange-biased systemsChao Zheng; Wen-Tzu Lo; Hsun-Feng Hsu; Yaroslav Wroczynskyj; 林克偉; Ko-Wei Lin; Johan van Lierop; Philip W.T. Pong
Aug-2015Microstructural and magnetic characterization of ion-beam bombarded [Ni80Fe20-Cr](50) thin filmsChao Zheng; Ko-Wei Lin; Chi-Hsin Liu; Hsun-Feng Hsu; Chi-Wah Leung; Wei-Hsien Chen; Te-Ho Wu; Ryan D. Desautels; Johan van Lierop; Philip W.T. Pong
29-Nov-2016Modulated exchange bias in NiFe/CoO/α-Fe2O3 trilayers and NiFe/CoO bilayersX. Li; 林克偉; K.-W. Lin; W.-C. Yeh; R.D. Desautels; J. van Lierop; Philip W.T. Pong
Jun-2012Oxygen-stoichiometry-dependent microstructural and magnetic properties of CoPt thin films capped with ion-beam-assisted deposited TiOx layers-
11-Mar-2017Reduced magnetic coercivity and switching field in NiFeCuMo/Ru/NiFeCuMo synthetic-ferrimagnetic nanodotsXu Li; Dennis C.W. Leung; Chuncheng Chiu; 林克偉; Ko Wei Lin; Mansun Chan; Y. Zhou; Philip W.T. Pong