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6-Oct-2016A Flexible FOV Capsule Endoscope Design Based on Compound LensYung-Chieh Tseng; Pin Han; Hsun-Ching Hsu; 蔡政穆; Cheng-Mu Tsai
2014Adiabatic Fiber Taper with Incorporated an Air-gap Microcavity Fiber Fabry-Perot InterferometerPin Han; 韓斌; Ching-I Tai; 戴菁儀; 精密工程學系所
2015Air Gap Measurement and Spectral Switch Study with Wide Band SourcePin Han; 韓斌; Tsung-Han Hsieh; 謝宗翰; 精密工程學系所
2015Building the Model of Blue LED Flip ChipPin Han; 韓斌; Jeng-Yang Chen; 陳政揚; 精密工程學系所
2014Fast Light Guide Plate Dots Deployment Strategy with Scattering Ability TablePin Han; 韓斌; Chao-Feng Hsu; 許肇楓; 精密工程學系所
2015Fiber Type Point Image Spectrum AnalyzerPin Han; 韓斌; Cheng-Hung Shih; 施丞鴻; 精密工程學系所
2015High Uniformity and Directivity of a Reflective Device With Optical Flux Partition MethodHsun-Ching Hsu; Pin Han
2014Optical Design and Simulation for High Performance Surface Microstructure Sunlight ReactorPin Han; 韓 斌; Tsung-Fu Lin; 林宗賦; 精密工程學系所
2015Optical Design and Simulation for LED Automobile Rear Fog LightPin Han; 韓斌; Chiung-Yun Chang; 張瓊云; 精密工程學系所
2014Optical Design and Simulation for UV Curing Mesh Points on Light Guide PlatePin Han; 韓斌; Huang-Kuan Lun; 黃冠綸; 精密工程學系所
2013Optical frequency ruler with moving fluid
2013Optical frequency ruler with moving fluid
2015Optimization of Optical Design and Simulation for Curved Light Guide PlatePin Han; 韓斌; Chih-Yu Chang; 張志瑜; 精密工程學系所
1-Dec-2017Spatial–Spectral Correspondence Relationship for Mono–Polychromatic Light DiffractionPin Han; 韓斌-
26-Dec-2015Spectral Shift Amplification and Polarization-Controlled Spectral Shift with Silver MetalPin Han; Yung-Chieh Tseng; 韓 斌
2013Spectral shifts with polarization control-
24-Mar-2016Talbot images and Talbot spectra of a 2D orthogonal periodicity structurePin Han; Junhong Weng; 韓 斌
2013五百萬畫素手機相機鏡頭光學設計及 雜散光分析韓斌; Pin Han; 劉興雅; Liu, Hsing-Ya; 精密工程學系所-
2011人臉識別特徵萃取演算法之研究韓斌; Pin Han; 陳文淵; Wen-Yuan Chen; 吳俊霖; Jiunn-Lin Wu; 張嘉峰; Chang, Chia-Feng; 中興大學-
2009以二次點膠方法調整白光LED色溫的研究洪瑞華; Ray-Hua Horng; 歐崇仁; Chung-Jen Ou; 韓斌; Pin Han; 陳裕發; Chen, Yu-Fi; 中興大學-