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2013Ab-initio Study of Elastic Properties and Copper Diffusion in (AlCrTiZr)N High-Entropy AlloysPo-Liang Liu; 劉柏良; Yu-Tsen Hsiao; 蕭宇岑; 精密工程學系所
2015Ab-initio Study of GaN(0001)/TiN(111) HeterostructuresPo-Liang Liu; 劉柏良; Wen-Han Yang; 楊文翰; 精密工程學系所
2014Ab-initio Study of Gd2O3 Heteroepitaxy on SiPo-Liang Liu; 劉柏良; Chung-Hsin Lin; 林忠信; 精密工程學系所
2014Ab-initio Study on Cr2+0.25Zn0.75Te, V2+0.25Zn0.75Te, and Mn2+0.25Zn0.75Te Femtosecond Laser and its Electro-Optical CharacteristicsPo-Liang Liu; 劉柏良; Bang-Wun Lin; 林榜文; 精密工程學系所
Feb-2013Accommodation at the interface of highly dissimilar GaN(0 0 0 1)/Sc2O3(1 1 1) heteroepitaxial systems-
2015Caron Nanotorus C360 and C420 with Defects for Hydrogen Storage: An Ab-initio StudyPo-Liang Liu; 劉柏良; Chih-Yu Lin; 林致宇; 精密工程學系所
2013Double-shell C 60/C 240 fullerenes with Stone-Wales defects for hydrogen storage: An ab initio study-
2013Electronic band structures of Ge1xSnx semiconductors: A first-principles densityfunctional theory study-
2013Electronic structure and band gap engineering of ZnO-based semiconductor alloy films-
May-2015Electronic Structure and Infrared Light Emission in Dislocation-Engineered SiliconCheng-Lun Hsin; Hsu-Shen Teng; Hsiang-Yuan Lin; Tzu-Hsuan Cheng; Chao-Chia Cheng; Po-Liang Liu
2013氮化鎵/氧化鋁酸鋰與氮化鎵/氧化鎵酸鋰異質界面結構之第一原理研究劉柏良; Po-Liang Liu; 周彥廷; Chou, Yen-Ting; 精密工程學系所-