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7-Sep-2018A star-shaped conjugated molecule featuring a triazole core and diketopyrrolopyrrole branches is an efficient electron-selective interlayer for inverted polymer solar cellsWei-Jen Chen; Yu-Che Cheng; Da-Wei Kuo; Chin-Ti Chen; Bo-Tau Liu; Ru-Jong Jeng; Rong-Ho Lee; 李榮和
2003Carbon Black Flame Retardant Containing IPNs based on Epoxy/Unsaturated Polyester鄭如忠; Ru-Jong Jeng; 石燕鳳; Shih, Yeng-Fong-
Feb-2013Determination of critical micelle concentration of dendritic surfactant synthesized viaa selective ring-opening addition reaction-
2015Enhanced photovoltaic performance of inverted polymer solar cells by incorporating graphene nanosheet/AgNPs nanohybridsYu-An Su; Wei-Chen Lin; Hsing-Ju Wang; Wan-Hua Lee; Rong-Ho Lee; Shenghong A. Dai; Chi-Fa Hsieh; Ru-Jong Jeng
2015Enhanced shape memory performance of polyurethanes via the incorporation of organic or inorganic networksChien-Hsin Wu; Shi-Min Shau; Shin-Chih Liu; Shenghong A. Dai; Su-Chen Chen; Rong-Ho Lee; Chi-Fa Hsieh; Ru-Jong Jeng
6-May-2017Iterative synthesis of monodisperse pendants for making comb-like polyurethanesChien-Hsin Wu; Yu-Ching Chen; Shenghong A. Dai; Su-Chen Chen; Shih-Huang Tung; 李榮和; Rong-Ho Lee; Wen-Chiung Su; Ru-Jong Jeng
Jun-2013New carbazole-substituted anthracene derivatives based non-dopedblue light-emitting devices with high brightness and efficiency-
Jul-2013Nonlinear optical hyperbranched polyaspartimide/montmorillonitenanocomposites based on reactive fluorine- orphosphorous-containing organoclays-
Apr-2013Novel polythiophene derivatives functionalized withconjugated side-chain pendants comprisingtriphenylamine/carbazole moieties for photovoltaic cellapplications†
Feb-2013Orderly arranged NLO materials on exfoliated layeredtemplates based on dendrons with alternating moietiesat the periphery†
1-Aug-2015Peripheral group effects on the photophysical and photovoltaic properties of bulk-heterojunction type solar cells based on star-shaped conjugate molecules with triphenylamine coreYu-Wen Kao; Wan-Hua Lee; Ru-Jong Jeng; Chih-Feng Huang; Jeng Yue Wu; Rong-Ho Lee
2000Phosphorus-Containing Maleimide-Based Polymers for Flame Retardants鄭如忠; Ru-Jong Jeng; 劉苑翎; Liu, Yuan-Ling-
May-2013Polythiophenes comprising conjugated pendantstoward long-term air-stable inverted polymer solar cellswith high open circuit voltages
2010Preparation and Properties of Biodegradable Poly(butylene succinate)/Jeffamine® polyetheramine Modified Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube Nanocomposites鄭如忠; Ru-Jong Jeng; 林錦昇; Lin, Chin-Sheng; 中興大學-
Apr-2015Star-shaped organic semiconductors with planar triazine core and diketopyrrolopyrrole branches for solution-processed small-molecule organic solar cellsSheng-Yi Shiau; Chun-Ho Chang; Wei-Jen Chen; Hsing-Ju Wang; Ru-Jong Jeng; Rong-Ho Lee
2005Synthesis and Properties of Thermally Stable NLO Poly(amide imide) via Poly(acylurea) Intermediates鄭如忠; Ru-Jong Jeng; 汪乙嘉; Wang, Yi-Jia-
4-Jan-2017Synthesis of di(ethylene glycol)-functionalized diketopyrrolopyrrole derivative-based side chain-conjugated polymers for bulk heterojunction solar cells李榮和; Rong-Ho Lee; Lun-Cheng Yang; Jeng-Yue Wu; Ru-Jong Jeng-
2010交替式合成策略製備精準長度之超分子型鏈延長劑及其應用於聚胺酯材料研究鄭如忠; Ru-Jong Jeng; 林慶炫; 張豐志; 陳幹男; Ching-Hsuan Lin; Feng-Chih Chang; Kan-Nan Chen; 戴憲弘; Shenghong A. Dai; 郭明杰; Kuo, Ming-Chieh; 中興大學-
2012以具有立體障礙結構之碳二亞胺中間體為原料利用二元異氰酸鹽與二元酸透過新穎連續自我反覆反應(New SSRR)合成具有明確結構聚醯胺高分子之合成機制探討以及其相關應用林江珍; Jiang-Jen Lin; 陳幹男; 鄭如忠; 林慶炫; Kan-Nan Chen; Ru-Jong Jeng; Ching-Hsuan Lin; 戴憲弘; Shenghong A. Dai; 陳衍良; Chen, An-Liu; 中興大學-
2012以立體超分枝狀高分子製備有機/無機二維層狀與零維奈米金屬混成材料戴憲弘; Shenghong A. Dai; 鄭如忠; Ru-Jong Jeng; 楊國本; Yang, Guo-Ben; 中興大學-