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1998Adsorption of toluene on activated carbon in a packed bedSan, J.Y.; Hsu, Y.C.; Wu, L.J.-
2006Analysis of the performance of a multi-bed adsorption heat pump using a solid-side resistance modelSan, J.Y.-
2001An analytical solution of mass diffusion in a long cylindrical microporous adsorbent with fluid film heat and mass transfer resistancesSan, J.Y.; Ni, C.C.; Hong, F.-
2008Comparison among three adsorption pairs for using as the working substances in a multi-bed adsorption heat pumpSan, J.Y.; Lin, W.M.-
2006Effects of jet plate size and plate spacing on the stagnation Nusselt number for a confined circular air jet impinging on a flat surfaceSan, J.Y.; Shiao, W.Z.-
2012Heat transfer characteristics of a helical heat exchangerSan, J.Y.; Hsu, C.H.; Chen, S.H.-
2006Heat transfer enhancement of transverse ribs in circular tubes with consideration of entrance effectSan, J.Y.; Huang, W.C.-
2007Impingement heat transfer of staggered arrays of air jets confined in a channelSan, J.Y.; Tsou, Y.M.; Chen, Z.C.-
2000Mass diffusion in a spherical microporous particle with thermal effect and gas-side mass transfer resistanceNi, C.C.; San, J.Y.-
2009Performance of a multi-bed adsorption heat pump using SWS-1L composite adsorbent and water as the working pairSan, J.Y.; 沈君洋; Hsu, H.C.-
2009Performance of a serpentine heat exchanger: Part I - Effectiveness and heat transfer characteristicsSan, J.Y.; 沈君洋; Lin, G.S.; Pai, K.L.-
2009Performance of a serpentine heat exchanger: Part II - Second-law efficiencySan, J.Y.; 沈君洋; Pai, K.L.-
2000Second-law analysis of a wet crossflow heat exchangerSan, J.Y.; Jan, C.L.-
2010Second-law performance of heat exchangers for waste heat recoverySan, J.Y.; 沈君洋-