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2003Biotic communities of freshwater marshes and mangroves in relation to saltwater incursions: implications for wetland regulationLin, H.J.; Shao, K.T.; Chiou, W.L.; Maa, C.J.W.; Hsieh, H.L.; Wu, W.L.; Severinghaus, L.L.; Wang, Y.T.-
2002The development of subtidal fouling assemblages on artificial structures in Keelung Harbor, northern TaiwanLin, H.J.; Shao, K.T.-
2009The effects of system-scale removal of oyster-culture racks from Tapong Bay, southwestern Taiwan: model exploration and comparison with field observationsLin, H.J.; 林幸助; Shao, K.T.; Hsieh, H.L.; Lo, W.T.; Dai, X.X.-
1999Fish assemblages in the mangrove creeks of northern and southern TaiwanKuo, S.R.; Lin, H.J.; Shao, K.T.-
2005Measurement of chlorophyll fluorescence reveals mechanisms for habitat niche separation of the intertidal seagrasses Thalassia hemprichii and Halodule uninervisLan, C.Y.; Kao, W.Y.; Lin, H.J.; Shao, K.T.-
2009Rates of overgrowth by macroalgae and attack by sea anemones are greater for live coral than dead coral under conditions of nutrient enrichmentLiu, P.J.; 林幸助; Lin, S.M.; Fan, T.Y.; Meng, P.J.; Shao, K.T.; Lin, H.J.-
1999Seasonal and diel changes in a subtropical mangrove fish assemblageLin, H.J.; Shao, K.T.-
2001Seasonal changes in abundance and composition of the fish assemblage in Chiku Lagoon, southwestern TaiwanKuo, S.R.; Lin, H.J.; Shao, K.T.-
2007A trophic model for the Danshuei River Estuary, a hypoxic estuary in northern TaiwanLin, H.J.; Shao, K.T.; Jan, R.Q.; Hsieh, H.L.; Chen, C.P.; Hsieh, L.Y.; Hsiao, Y.T.-
2009A trophic model of fringing coral reefs in Nanwan Bay, southern Taiwan suggests overfishingLiu, P.J.; 林幸助; Shao, K.T.; Jan, R.Q.; Fan, T.Y.; Wong, S.L.; Hwang, J.S.; Chen, J.P.; Chen, C.C.; Lin, H.J.-
2006Trophic structure and functioning in a eutrophic and poorly flushed lagoon in southwestern TaiwanLin, H.J.; Dai, X.X.; Shao, K.T.; Su, H.M.; Lo, W.T.; Hsieh, H.L.; Fang, L.S.; Hung, J.J.-