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1986An Evaluation of the Stand Conversion project in Taiwan ForestryShaw-Lin Lo; Fong-Long Feng; 國立中興大學森林學系
Mar-1990Cost-Benefit Analysis of National Forest Recreation Areas in Taiwan羅紹麟; 曾建薰; 邱立文; 叢培芝; Shaw-Lin Lo; Chien-Shiun Tzeng; Li-Wen Chih; Pei-Chin Tsung
Sep-1995Economic Analysis of Agroforestry in Taiwan羅紹麟; 林喻東; Shaw-Lin Lo; Yui-Dung Lin
Mar-1986The Economic Analysis of Reforestation Activity Plan in Grassland羅紹麟; 馮豐隆; Shaw-Lin Lo; Fong-Long Feng
Sep-1994Emergy Analysis of Forest Ecological-Economics System for National Forest in Taiwan羅玉霖; 羅紹麟; Yuh-Lin Lo; Shaw-Lin Lo
1999AN EVALUAT II ON OF ECONOM II CAL VALUE OF AGROFORESTRY IN TAIWANShaw-Lin Lo; 羅紹麟; 中興大學森林學系; Department of Forestry, National Chung Hsing University-
Mar-1992The Evaluation of Forest Land Management of Aboriginal Reservation in TaiwanShaw-Lin Lo; Yui-Dung Lin; 羅紹麟; 林喻東
Sep-1995Forestry Administrative Performance A Case Study : Taiwan Forestry Baurea羅紹麟; 林喻東; 童秋霞; Shaw-Lin Lo; Yui-Dung Lin; Chiou-Shya Torng
Mar-1996Measuring the Private Holding Forestland's Use Efficiency Toward Sustainability-An Illustration of Nankang Watershed in Nantou County范瑞琛; 歐辰雄; 呂福原; Shaw-Lin Lo; Kai-An Lo
1969Objectives of Forest Management: Intensive and ExtensiveShaw-Lin Lo; 羅紹麟; 中興大學森林學系; Department of Forestry, National Chung Hsing University-
15-Sep-2005Participation and Empowerment Mechanism of Community Forestry-An Example of Taiwan.Mei-Chih Yeh; 羅紹麟; Shaw-Lin Lo; 葉美智; 中興大學森林學系; Department of Forestry, National Chung Hsing University-
15-Sep-2005The Role and Position of Women in Taiwan Forest BureauChiou-Shya Torng; 童秋霞; Shaw-Lin Lo; 羅紹麟; 中興大學森林學系; Department of Forestry, National Chung Hsing University-
Mar-1985Stand Structure and Yield of Stand-Conversed Cryptomeria Plantation in TaiwanShaw-Lin Lo; Fong-Long Feng; 羅紹麟; 馮豐隆
1983STUDIES ON ECONOMICAL BENEFIT OF COASTAL WINDBREAK FORESTS IN TAIWAN羅紹麟; Shaw-Lin Lo; 國立中興大學森林學系; Department of Forestry, National Chung Hsing University
Sep-1990Studies on Forest Esthetics Theories and Applications羅紹麟; 王長平; Shaw-Lin Lo; Chung-Pyng Wang
Mar-1995Studies on Forestry Administration under Environment Conservative Policy-Optimal Forest Road Density羅紹麟; 林喻東; 周源樹; Shaw-Lin Lo; Yui-Dung Lin; Yuan-Shu Zhou
Mar-1992Studies on Management Technique of Leased National Forestland in Central Area of TaiwanShaw-Lin Lo; Yui-Dung Lin; Kai-An Lo; 羅紹麟; 林喻東; 羅凱安
Aug-1982Studies on the Cleaning Operation by Using Light Chainsaw in the Crptomeria Young Stands羅紹麟; 馮豐隆; Shaw-Lin Lo; Fong-Long Feng
Sep-1990A Study on Maintenance Management and Visitors' Satisfaction of Hui-Sun Experimental Forest Areas Facilities羅紹麟; 邱立文; Shaw-Lin Lo; Li-Wen Chiu
Sep-1992Study on The Goal Programming for Forest Land Multiple-Use Planning of Da-Pu Working Circle許秀英; 羅紹麟; Shiow-Ing Sheu; Shaw-Lin Lo