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Mar-2006Applying Affordance Theory to Explore the Relationship between Environmental Attributes and Users' Behavior鄭佳美; Chia-Mei Cheng; 歐聖榮; 黃郁琇; Sheng-Jung Ou; Yu-Hsiu Huang; Department of Horticulture, National Chung Hsing University
Dec-2006Applying the Synesthesia Concept of Music in the Design of Landscape Path陳宏洋; Hong-Yang Chen; 歐聖榮; Sheng-Jung Ou
2013Applying the Synesthesia Concept of the Music in the Design of Musical Fountain許哲瑜; 歐聖榮; Che-Yu Hsu; Sheng-Jung Ou
2013A Case Study of the Treatment Effect of Horticultural Therapy Activities on Dementia Patients董芝帆; 紀芬蓮; 歐聖榮; Chih-Fan Tung; Fen-Lien Chi; Sheng-Jung Ou
2013Discussing of the Relationship between Place Attachment and Landscape Preference of LuKang's Residents林擎天; 歐聖榮; Chin-Ten Lin; Sheng-Jung Ou
2013Ecotourism Plan in Dongsha Marine National Park謝維芳; 謝宗恒; 黃筱薇; 許書國; 洪欽勳; 黃淑菁; 吳全安; 歐聖榮; Wei-Fan Hsieh; Chung-Heng Hsieh; Hsiao-Wei Huang; Shu-Kuo Hsu; Chin-Hsun Hung; Sue-Jing Huang; Guan-An Wu; Sheng-Jung Ou
Dec-1999Effects of Riding Motivation on the Importance of Environmental Attributes for Bicycle Trail林建堯; Jan-Yau Lin; 傅克昌; 歐聖榮; Ker-Chang Fu; Sheng-Jung Ou
Jun-2002Factors Influencing the Landscape Characteristics of Taiwan's Buddhism Garden林佳瑾; Chia-Chin Lin; 歐聖榮; Sheng-Jung Ou
Mar-2004Influences of Different Garden Styles and Familiarity on Observers' Visual Concentration黃郁琇; Yu-Hsiu Huang; 歐聖榮; 林建堯; Sheng-Jung Ou; Chien-Yau Lin
Dec-2003The Relationships Between Landscape Cognition and Emotional Experiences in Chinese Garden陳玠穎; Chieh-Ying Chen; 歐聖榮; Sheng-Jung Ou
2013The Research on Types and Classification Methods of Rural Communities in TaiwanYueh-Chih Chabg; Chun-Wei Tsou; Yi-Siou Lin; Sheng-Jung Ou; 張岳志; 鄒君瑋; 林怡秀; 歐聖榮
Sep-2006A Studies on Landscape Aesthetic Affects of National Park in Taiwan張俊彥; Yen-Hsi Li; 歐聖榮; 李彥希; Sheng-Jung Ou; Chun-Yen Chang; Department of Horticulture, National Chung Hsing University
Sep-2003A Study for The Impact Resistance of Shrubs Used on Median Strip李美樺; Mei-Hua Lee; 歐聖榮; Sheng-Jung Ou
Dec-1992A Study of Visitors' Behavior in Tung-Shih Forest Station歐聖榮; Sheng-Jung Ou; 傅克昌; 浦心蕙; Ker-Chang Fu; Hsin-Hui Pu
Sep-1999The Study on Emotional Experiences of Herbaceous Flower ColorsSheng-Jung Ou; 歐聖榮; Ei-Ching Tseng; 曾怡錦
Jun-1997A Study on Establishing the Framework of the Assessment Model of Selecting Forest-Based Sites for Ecotourism趙芝良; Chin-Liang Chao; 歐聖榮; Sheng-Jung Ou
Dec-2002A Study on Local Residents' Perception of Tourism Impacts in Kin-Men林憶蘋; Yi-Pin Lin; 歐聖榮; 林建堯; Sheng-Jung Ou; Jan-Yau Lin
Jun-2005A Study on Repurchase Visitors' Accommodation Preferences for B&B IndustrySheng-Jung Ou; 歐聖榮; I-Chun Lin; 林奕君
Dec-1991A Study on the Affective Effects of Colors for Six Ornamental PlantsSheng-Jung Ou; 陳博仁; Po-Jen Chen; Ker-Chang Fu; 傅克昌; 歐聖榮
Jun-1997A Study on the Emotional Experiences of Five Evergreen Tree Forms阮琴閔; Chyn-Miin Roan; 歐聖榮; Sheng-Jung Ou