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2012The Analysis of Covered Call Strategies - Evidence from TAIEX Futures and Options劉代洋; 俞明德; 楊聲勇; Sheng-Yung Yang; 林明義; Lin, Ming-Yi; 中興大學-
2008Can Capital Investment Effect and Asset Growth Effect Explain the cross-sectional Stock Returns in Taiwan楊聲勇; Sheng-Yung Yang; 莊文議; Wen-I Chuang; Shuh-Chyi Doong; 董澍琦; 陳庭軒; Chen, Ting-Syuan; 中興大學-
2010The Choice of International Listing and Financial Restructuring: A Case Study of Want-Want's Strategic Listing on HKEX俞明德; Min-Teh Yu; 董澍琦; S.-Chyi Doong,; Sheng-Yung Yang; 楊聲勇; 黃淑華; Huang, Shu-Hua; 中興大學-
2012Comovement of international financial markets: A wavelet analysis on commodity, currency and stock markets董澍琦; Shuh-Chyi Doong; 林福來; Fu-Lai Lin; Sheng-Yung Yang; 楊聲勇; 文郁承; Wen, Yu-Cheng; 中興大學-
2009Do conflicts of interest really exist when lending banks are also stockholders?李春安; Chun-An Li; 楊聲勇; Sheng-Yung Yang; 陳家彬; Chia-Pin Chen; 蔡函芳; Tsai, Han-Fang; 中興大學-
Jan-2014Dynamic stock–bond return correlations and financialmarket uncertainty-
2007The factors affecting the forecast accuracy on EPS of stock brokerages-An empirical analysis from the characteristics of company and analyst董澍琦; Shuh-Chyi Doong; 周德瑋; De-Wai Chou; 楊聲勇; Sheng-Yung Yang; Lin, Hung-Wei; 林泓瑋; 中興大學-
2010The Information Content of China-Concept Stocks Traded by Institutional Investors賴靖宜; Jing-Yi Lai; 楊聲勇; Sheng-Yung Yang; S.-Chyi Daniel Doong; 董澍琦; 王敏鐘; Wang, Ming-Jhong; 中興大學-
2010Inter-day Dynamic Relationship under Different Exchange Rate Regimes between ADRs and Underlying Securities: Evidence from the Japanese Multinationals黎明淵; Sheng-Yung Yang; 楊聲勇; 李宜錚; Li, Yi-Cheng; 中興大學-
2010The Liquidity of Stock and Investment Styles楊聲勇; Sheng-Yung Yang; 賴靖宜; Jing-yi Lai; Shuh-Chyi Doong; 董澍琦; 鄭凱文; Jheng, Kai-Wen; 中興大學-
2012MSCI成分股調整對同產業內的競爭效果與蔓延效果楊聲勇; Sheng-Yung Yang; 王澤世; Tse-Shih Wang; 董澍琦; Shuh-Chyi Doong; 陳人豪; Chen, Jen-Hao; 中興大學-
2009Overconfidence, Disposition Effect and Their Causality for Individual Investors at Taiwan Stock Market李春安; Chun-An Li; 楊聲勇; Sheng-Yung Yang; Chia -Pin Chen; 陳家彬; 王文聖; Wang, Wen-Sheng; 中興大學-
2004The Use of Foreign Currency Derivatives and Exchange Rate Exposure of Taiwanese Nonfinancial Corporations楊聲勇; Sheng-Yung Yang; 徐偉軒; Hsu, Wei-Shuan-
Jun-2013Valuation of double trigger catastrophe options with counterparty risk-
2013中國大超市第一名—中國大潤發 店鋪開發成功關鍵因素楊聲勇; Sheng-Yung Yang; 朱偉光; Chu, Wei-Kuang; 高階經理人碩士在職專班-
2015中國房地產貸款業務經營策略與風險控管之研究----以某台資銀行為例楊聲勇; Sheng-Yung Yang; Pay-Shan Lin; 林佩珊; 高階經理人碩士在職專班
2012中央銀行如何管理外匯? ---以亞洲金融危機及2008年全球金融風暴為例楊聲勇; Sheng-Yung Yang; 周建興; Chou, Chien-Hsing; 高階經理人碩士在職專班-
2013中小企業被購併案實例探討楊聲勇; Sheng-Yung Yang; 巫碧蕙; Wu, Bi-Hui; 高階經理人碩士在職專班-
2014二代健保之補充保費對於資產配置之影響楊聲勇; Sheng-Yung Yang; Wei-Shan Yu; 游為善; 高階經理人碩士在職專班
2012亞洲金融風暴與金融海嘯期間臺灣地區中小企業放款之比較俞明德; 劉代洋; 楊聲勇; Sheng-Yung Yang; 王盟昇; Wang, Meng-Sheng; 中興大學-