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2013Characterization the Infection of Japanese Encephalitis Virus Genotype Ⅰ and Ⅲ邱賢松; Shyan-Song Chiou; 廖淑吟; Shu-Ying Liao; 微生物暨公共衛生學研究所
2014Evaluation of Genotype III Vaccine against Newly Emerged Genotype I and Development of Genotype I Vaccine Candidate to Improve Vaccine Potency against Genotype I and III of Japanese Encephalitis Viruses邱賢松; Shyan-Song Chiou; 范怡琴; Yi-Chin Fan; 微生物暨公共衛生學研究所
Jul-2013First detection of the Africa/Caribbean/Latin American subtype of Culex flavivirus in Asian country, Taiwan-
2015The Host Specificity of Culex flavivirus邱賢松; Shyan-Song Chiou; 賴以勤; Yi-Chin Lai; 微生物暨公共衛生學研究所
1-May-2013Inhibition of Enveloped Viruses Infectivity by Curcumin
3-May-2013Reduced neutralizing antibody titer against genotype I virus in swineimmunized with a live-attenuated genotype III Japanese encephalitisvirus vaccine-
2010日本腦炎病毒低交叉反應類病毒顆粒引起之抗體反應分析陳維鈞; Wei-June Chen; 徐維莉; Wei-Li Hsu; 邱賢松; Shyan-Song Chiou; 吳思嫺; Wu, Szu-Hsien; 中興大學-
2010牛乳鐵蛋白抗登革二型病毒感染之作用機制陳維鈞; Wei-June Chen; 徐維莉; Wei-Li Hsu; 邱賢松; Shyan-Song Chiou; 陳若梅; Chen, Jo-Mei; 中興大學-
2010病媒蚊對日本腦炎病毒感受性與傳播之探討陳維鈞; Wei-June Chen; 邱賢松; Shyan-Song Chiou; 杜武俊; Wu-Chun Tu; 陳怡如; Chen, Yi-Ju; 中興大學-