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2003Cage amines as the stopper inhibitors of cholinesterasesLin, G.; Tsai, H.J.; Tsai, Y.H.-
2000Conformational analysis of biphenyl derivatives. I. A novel steric constant from the internal rotation rate of 2,2 '-bis-(N-substituted carbamoylmethyl)biphenyl by means of dynamic NMRLin, G.L.; Hwang, C.I.; Chouhwang, J.Y.; Tsai, H.J.-
2004Genetic variation of viral protein 1 genes of field strains of waterfowl parvoviruses and their attenuated derivativesTsai, H.J.; Tseng, C.H.; Chang, P.C.; Mei, K.; Wang, S.C.-
2008Interaction mechanism between Pseudomonas species lipase and nitro compoundsLin, M.C.; Hsieh, C.W.; Tsai, H.J.; Ro, Y.R.; Lin, C.S.; Lin, G.-
2009Investigation of the photo-catalytic coating on AZ91 alloyWang, J.Y.; 汪俊延; Tsai, H.J.; Uan, J.Y.; Wong, M.S.; Wu, S.K.-
2006Probing conformations of the glycerol backbones of triacyglycerols in the active site of lipase by 1,2-cyclopentane-carbamates: The meso effect for the enzyme inhibitionLin, G.; Lai, F.H.; Tsai, B.I.; Hsieh, C.W.; Tsai, H.J.-
2004Quantitative structure-activity relationships for the pre-steady state acetylcholinesterase inhibition by carbamatesLin, G.; Liao, W.C.; Chan, C.H.; Wu, Y.H.; Tsai, H.J.; Hsieh, C.W.-
2010Salinity-dependent expression of a Na+, K+, 2Cl(-) cotransporter in gills of the brackish medaka Oryzias dancena: A molecular correlate for hyposmoregulatory enduranceKang, C.K.; Tsai, H.J.; Liu, C.C.; Lee, T.H.; Hwang, P.P.-