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2004Adaptive communication-induced checkpointing protocols with domino-effect freedomTsai, J.C.; 蔡智強; Lin, C.Y.; Kuo, S.Y.-
2009Effect of salts on the rheology of hydrocolloids from mulberry (Morus alba L.) leaves in concentrated domainLin, H.Y.; 賴麗旭; Tsai, J.C.; Lai, L.S.-
2005An efficient index-based checkpointing protocol with constant-size control information on messagesTsai, J.C.; 蔡智強-
2006Fabrication of rolling mold for a 200 mu m microlens array by 3D LIGA-like processesTsai, J.C.; 蔡志成; Liu, K.; Yang, H.; 楊錫杭-
2012Induced circular dichroism of stereoregular vinyl polymersChen, L.C.; Mao, Y.C.; Lin, S.C.; Li, M.C.; Ho, R.M.; Tsai, J.C.-
1998Isoform expression of Na+-K+-ATPase alpha-subunit in gills of the teleost Oreochromis mossambicusLee, T.H.; 李宗翰; Tsai, J.C.; Fang, M.J.; Yu, M.J.; Hwang, P.P.-
2007Micro-ball lens array fabrication in photoresist using PTFE hydrophobic effectShyu, R.F.; 蔡志成; Yang, H.; Tsai, W.R.; Tsai, J.C.; 楊錫杭-
2005More properties of communication-induced checkpointing protocols with rollback-dependency trackabilityTsai, J.C.; 蔡智強; Kuo, S.Y.; Wang, Y.M.-
2003On properties of RDT communication-induced checkpointing protocolsTsai, J.C.; 蔡智強-
1999Optimum design of headstocks of precision lathesChen, T.Y.; 蔡志成; Wei, W.J.; Tsai, J.C.; 陳定宇-
2006Performance comparisons of index-based communication-induced checkpointing protocolsTsai, J.C.-