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2005Aerodynamic roughness over an urban area and over two farmlands in a populated area as determined by wind profiles and surface energy flux measurementsTsai, J.L.; 莊秉潔; Tsuang, B.J.-
2010The Ag effect on magnetic properties and microstructure of FePt/Ag2Te particulate filmsTsai, J.L.; Tzeng, H.T.; Lin, G.B.; Liu, B.F.-
2010Coercivity variation in exchange-coupled Fe/FePt bilayer with perpendicular magnetizationTsai, J.L.; 蔡佳霖; Tzeng, H.T.; Liu, B.F.-
2006Controlled domain wall motion by current into patterned-U Ni80Fe20 wiresTsai, J.L.; Chen, D.C.; Chen, T.Y.; Cheng, K.W.; Yao, Y.D.; Lee, S.F.; Liou, Y.-
2005Current driven domain wall motion in magnetic U-patternTsai, J.L.; Lee, S.F.; Liou, Y.; Yao, Y.D.; Chen, T.Y.; Cheng, K.W.-
2005Current-induced domain-wall motion in U-shaped permalloy wireTsai, J.L.; Yao, Y.D.; Lee, S.F.; Liou, Y.; Chen, T.Y.; Cheng, K.W.-
2010Determination of methane and carbon dioxide fluxes during the rice maturity period in Taiwan by combining profile and eddy covariance measurementsTseng, K.H.; 莊秉潔; Tsai, J.L.; Alagesan, A.; Tsuang, B.J.; Yao, M.H.; Kuo, P.H.-
2003Determining aerodynamic roughness using tethersonde and heat flux measurements in an urban area over a complex terrainTsuang, B.J.; 莊秉潔; Tsai, J.L.; Lin, M.D.; Chen, C.L.; 林明德-
2009Differences in the Floral Anthocyanin Component of Lantana in TaiwanHuang, C.S.; Lee, H.C.; Lu, T.S.; Tsai, J.L.; Tatsuzawal, F.-
2006Effect of GePt buffer layer on magnetic properties and microstructure of FePt filmsTsai, J.L.; Hsu, C.J.; Pai, Y.H.; Shieu, F.S.; Hsu, C.W.; Chen, S.K.; Chang, W.C.-
2006The effect of GePt underlayer on L1(0) ordering FePt thin filmsHsu, C.J.; Tsai, J.L.; Hsu, C.W.; Chen, S.K.; Chang, W.C.-
2008Effect of Pt underlayer on the coercivity of FePt sputtered filmHsu, C.W.; Chen, S.K.; Liao, W.M.; Yuan, F.T.; Chang, W.C.; Tsai, J.L.-
2008L1(0) CrPt underlayer thickness effects on FePt film orderingTsai, J.L.; Lin, Y.C.; Hsu, C.J.-
2010The L1(2) CrPt3 underlayer effect on the ordering of L1(0) FePt filmsTsai, J.L.; Lin, G.B.; Ou, C.L.; Chen, M.Y.-
2011Lindernia kinmenensis sp. nov. (Scrophulariaceae) from Kinmen (Taiwan)Liang, Y.S.; Chen, C.H.; Tsai, J.L.-
2005Magnetic properties and domain structure of highly coercive Au/FePt filmsTsai, J.L.; Yuan, F.T.; Chen, S.K.-
2009Magnetic properties and microstructure of (001) oriented Ag/FePt, Ag/FePt/Ag filmsTsai, J.L.; 蔡佳霖; Lin, G.B.; Tzeng, H.T.-
2011Magnetic properties and microstructure of Ag2Se/FePt particulate filmsTsai, J.L.; Tai, H.W.; Tzeng, H.T.-
2010Magnetic properties and microstructure of FePt/Ag2Te particulate filmsTsai, J.L.; Tzeng, H.T.; Lin, G.B.-
2006Magnetic properties and microstructure of FePt/GePt bilayerTsai, J.L.; Hsu, C.J.-