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2005Ascertaining HIV underreporting in low prevalence countries using the approximate ratio of underreportingHsieh, Y.H.; Wang, H.C.; De Arazoza, H.; Lounes, R.; Twu, S.J.; Hsu, H.M.-
2012Automatic extraction of face contours in images and videosHsu, C.Y.; Wang, H.F.; Wang, H.C.; Tseng, K.K.-
2001Carbon dioxide extraction of ginseng root hair oil and ginsenosidesWang, H.C.; 張傑明; Chen, C.R.; Chang, C.M.J.-
2011Coloured visual cryptography using fixed size meaningful shareWu, H.C.; 蔡垂雄; Wang, H.C.; Wang, C.M.; Tsai, C.S.-
2011The cross-effects of cigarette and betel nut consumption in Taiwan: have tax increases made a difference?Chen, S.H.; Lee, J.M.; Liu, H.H.; Wang, H.C.; Ye, C.Y.-
1999Direct broadcast experiment of digital TV signals on ROCSAT-1 ECP payloadChen, Y.C.; Wang, H.C.; Kiang, J.F.; Tsai, M.K.-
2010Epidemiology of Bartonella Infection in Rodents and Shrews in TaiwanHsieh, J.W.; 張照勤; Tung, K.C.; Chen, W.C.; Lin, J.W.; Chien, L.J.; Hsu, Y.M.; Wang, H.C.; Chomel, B.B.; Chang, C.C.; 董光中-
2004Examination of meat components in commercial dog and cat feed by using polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphisms (PCR-RFLPs) techniqueWang, H.C.; 張天傑; Lee, S.H.; Chang, T.J.; Wong, M.L.-
2008Expression of rTS8 beta as a 5-fluorouracil resistance marker in patients with primary breast cancerKuo, S.J.; 邱繡河; Wang, H.C.; Chow, K.C.; Chiou, S.H.; Chiang, S.F.; Lin, T.Y.; Chiang, I.P.; Chen, D.R.; 周寬基-
2010Functional expression of the recombinant ATPase of orf virusLin, F.Y.; 徐維莉; Chan, K.W.; Wang, H.C.; Hsu, W.L.; Wong, M.L.; 王孟亮-
2010Generation of hermaphrodite transgenic papaya lines with virus resistance via transformation of somatic embryos derived from adventitious roots of in vitro shootsKung, Y.J.; 葉錫東; Yu, T.A.; Huang, C.H.; Wang, H.C.; Wang, S.L.; Yeh, S.D.-
2009Generation of transgenic oriental melon resistant to Zucchini yellow mosaic virus by an improved cotyledon-cutting methodWu, H.W.; 葉錫東; Yu, T.A.; Raja, J.A.J.; Wang, H.C.; Yeh, S.D.-
2010Haemoglobin in normal and neoplastic canine mammary glandsChang, S.C.; 王孟亮; Chen, H.F.; Chou, M.H.; Wang, H.C.; Su, H.Y.; Wong, M.L.; 張仕杰-
2010Hispolon Suppresses SK-Hep1 Human Hepatoma Cell Metastasis by Inhibiting Matrix Metalloproteinase-2/9 and Urokinase-Plasminogen Activator through the PI3K/Akt and ERK Signaling PathwaysHuang, G.J.; 胡淼琳; Yang, C.M.; Chang, Y.S.; Amagaya, S.; Wang, H.C.; Hou, W.C.; Huang, S.S.; Hu, M.L.-
2009Identification, expression and antigenic analysis of recombinant hemagglutinin proteins of canine distemper virusChan, K.W.; 徐維莉; Hsieh, H.H.; Wang, H.C.; Lee, Y.J.; Sung, M.H.; Wong, M.L.; Hsu, W.L.; 王孟亮-
2005Inhibition of lytic infection of pseudorabies virus by argilnine depletionWang, H.C.; 張天傑; Kao, Y.C.; Chang, T.J.; Wong, M.L.-
2003Lytic infection of pseudorabies virus in the presence of spermine, spermidine, or DFMOWang, H.C.; Wong, M.L.-
2010Multi-Threshold Level Set Model for Image SegmentationHsu, C.Y.; Yang, C.H.; Wang, H.C.-
2006Multiple image sharing based on colour visual cryptographyWu, H.C.; 蔡垂雄; Wang, H.C.; Tsai, C.S.-