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2010Association of creatin kinase B and peroxiredoxin 2 expression with age and embryo quality in cumulus cells陳全木; Lee, M.S.; Liu, C.H.; Lee, T.H.; Wu, H.M.; Huang, C.C.; Huang, L.S.; Chen, C.M.; Cheng, E.H.-
2007The central cavity from the (alpha/alpha)(6) barrel structure of Anabaena sp CH1N-acetyl-D-glucosamine 2-epimerase contains two key histidine residues for reversible conversionLee, Y.C.; Wu, H.M.; Chang, Y.N.; Wang, W.C.; Hsu, W.H.-
2007Delivering relative differentiated services in future high-speed networks using hierarchical dynamic deficit round robinWu, C.C.; Wu, H.M.; Lin, W.-
2009Engineering of the critical residues at the stereochemistry-gate loops of Brevibacillus agri dihydropyrimidinase for the production of L-homophenylalanineLo, C.K.; Kao, C.H.; Wang, W.C.; Wu, H.M.; Hsu, W.H.; Lin, L.L.; Hu, H.Y.-
2010Enhanced p-Channel Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor Charge Pump for Low-Voltage ApplicationsHsu, C.P.; 林泓均; Wu, H.M.; Lin, H.C.-
2008High-performance packet scheduling to provide relative delay differentiation in future high-speed networksWu, C.C.; Wu, H.M.; Lin, W.-
2007Improving inter-server fairness in active queue managementWu, H.M.; Wu, C.C.; Lin, W.-
2010A Novel Analog Integrated Circuit Design Course Covering Design, Layout, and Resulting Chip MeasurementLin, W.L.; 林維亮; Cheng, W.C.; Wu, C.H.; Wu, H.M.; Wu, C.Y.; Ho, K.H.; Chan, C.A.-
2012Refractory filler sands with core-shell composite structure for the taphole nozzle in slide-gate system of steel ladlesTseng, T.T.; Wu, H.M.; Chen, C.N.; Cheng, C.C.; Uan, J.Y.; Wu, W.T.; Tseng, W.J.-
2010Stimulatory effect of Echinacea purpurea extract on the trafficking activity of mouse dendritic cells: revealed by genomic and proteomic analysesYin, S.Y.; Wang, W.H.; Wang, B.X.; Aravindaram, K.; Hwang, P.I.; Wu, H.M.; Yang, N.S.-