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2000Development of a family of beta-amino alcohol ligands with two stereocenters for highly efficient enantioselective trimethylsilylcyanation of aldehydesYou, J.S.; 高漢謀; Gau, H.M.; Choi, M.C.K.-
2000Enantioselective addition of AlEt3 to aldehydes catalyzed by titanium(IV)-TADDOLate complexLu, J.F.; 高漢謀; You, J.S.; Gau, H.M.-
2000Enantioselective addition of diethylzinc to aldehydes catalyzed by titanium(IV) complexes of diol derivatives of D-mannitol and the spectroscopic study of the catalytic systemYou, J.S.; 高漢謀; Shao, M.Y.; Gau, H.M.-
2006A new chiral ligand: 2,6-bis 4(S)-isopropyl-1-phenyl-4,5-dihydro-1H-imidazol-2-yl pyridineMa, K.Y.; Cheng, L.; Gau, H.M.; You, J.S.-
2008A new strategy for designing non-C(2)-symmetric monometallic bifunctional catalysts and their application in enantioselective cyanation of aldehydesYang, F.; 高漢謀; Wei, S.P.; Cheng, C.A.; Xi, P.H.; Yang, L.; Lan, J.B.; Gau, H.M.; You, J.S.-
2011Polycomb-Repressed Genes Have Permissive Enhancers that Initiate ReprogrammingTaberlay, P.C.; 劉俊吉; Kelly, T.K.; Liu, C.C.; You, J.S.; De Carvalho, D.D.; Miranda, T.B.; Zhou, X.J.; Liang, G.N.; Jones, P.A.-
2008Preferential Formation of Homochiral Helical Sandwich-Shaped Architectures through the Metal-Mediated Assembly of Tris(imidazoline) Ligands with a Set of d(3)-d(10) Transition-Metal IonsYan, L.W.; 陳繼添; Wang, Z.; Chen, M.T.; Wu, N.J.; Lan, J.B.; Gao, X.; You, J.S.; Gau, H.M.; Chen, C.T.; 高漢謀-
2010Self-assembly from metal-organic vesicles to globular networks: metallogel-mediated phenylation of indole with phenyl boronic acidYang, L.; 陳繼添; Luo, L.; Zhang, S.A.; Su, X.Y.; Lan, J.B.; Chen, C.T.; You, J.S.-