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2003Disambiguating the senses of non-text symbols for Mandarin TTS systems with a three-layer classifierYu, M.S.; 余明興; Huang, F.L.-
2004Documentation of soil conditions at liquefaction and non-liquefaction sites from 1999 Chi-Chi (Taiwan) earthquakeChu, D.B.; 林炳森; Stewart, J.P.; Lee, S.; Tsai, J.S.; Lin, P.S.; Chu, B.L.; Seed, R.B.; Hsu, S.C.; Yu, M.S.; Wang, M.C.H.; 褚炳麟-
2009The effects of the bacterial interaction with visible-light responsive titania photocatalyst on the bactericidal performanceCheng, C.L.; 陳建華; Sun, D.S.; Chu, W.C.; Tseng, Y.H.; Ho, H.C.; Wang, J.B.; Chung, P.H.; Chen, J.H.; Tsai, P.J.; Lin, N.T.; Yu, M.S.; Chang, H.H.-
1998An efficient Mandarin text-to-speech system on time domainLin, Y.J.; 余明興; Yu, M.S.-
2010A Layered Approach to the Polysemy Problems in a Chinese to Taiwanese TTS SystemLin, Y.J.; 余明興; Yu, M.S.; Lin, C.Y.; Lin, Y.C.-
1998Optimal algorithms for interval graphsWang, Y.L.; 余明興; Chiang, K.C.; Yu, M.S.-
1998An optimal parallel algorithm for node ranking of cographsLiu, C.M.; 余明興; Yu, M.S.-
2006Statistical Behavior analysis of smoothing methods for language models of mandarin data setsYu, M.S.; 余明興; Huang, F.L.; Tsai, P.Y.-
2005A statistical model with hierarchical structure for predicting prosody in a mandarin text-to-speech systemYu, M.S.; 余明興; Pan, N.H.-
2006Visible-light-induced bactericidal activity of a nitrogen-doped titanium photocatalyst against human pathogensWong, M.S.; 陳建華; Chu, W.C.; Sun, D.S.; Huang, H.S.; Chen, J.H.; Tsai, P.J.; Lin, N.T.; Yu, M.S.; Hsu, S.F.; Wang, S.L.; Chang, H.H.-