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Dec-2000Effect of Hormone Treatments on Germination at High Temperature of Lettuce Seeds劉頌恩; Song En Liu; 宋妤; Yu Sung
2013The Effect of Light Intensity of Artificial Light on the Growth of Chinese Cabbage (Brassica campestris L. spp. pekinensis Lour. Rupr.) Seedlings洪明谷; 宋妤; Ming-Gu Hong; Yu Sung
2013Effect of Shading on the Growth and Nitrate Contents in Lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.)Jing-Kai Huang; Yu Sung; 黃敬凱; 宋妤
30-Sep-2015Effects of Media on Seed Germination and Seedling Growth of Lilium formosanum WallaceChia-En Chang; Yu Sung; Chen Chang; 張嘉恩; 宋妤; 張正; 國立中興大學農學院
30-Sep-2015The Effects of Planting Density and Shading on the Growth and Nitrate Content of Pak-choi(Brassica campetstris L. Chinensis group)Shih-Wen Chen; Yu Sung; 陳詩文; 宋妤; 國立中興大學農學院
Jun-2002Effects of Water Treatment on Plant Growth and Fruit Pungency in 'Home Flavor' and 'Beauty Zest' Pepper (Capsicum annuum L. var. annuum)張玉雲; Yu-Yun Chang; 宋妤; Yu Sung
2003Endo-β-mannanase與結球萵苣種子發芽之研究宋妤; Yu Sung; 江怡睿; Jiang, Yi-Ray-
Dec-1990The Flowering and Fruiting of StrawberryYu Sung; 宋妤
Dec-2000Influence Effect of the Seed Viability and the Cotyledon Height on Seed Germination and the Seedling Growth.Woo-Nang Chang; 張武男; Yu Sung; Pang-Kong Huang; 宋妤; 黃泮宮
Dec-2006Influence of Bacillus Subtilus on the Seed Germination of 'Ching Pi' Bitter Gourd (Momordica charantia L.)Yu Sung; 宋妤; Hue-Ru Yang; 楊惠如; Department of Horticulture, National Chung Hsing University
Mar-2005Influence of PEG Treatment on the Plant Growth anf Fruit Pungency of 'Hungariana'Pepper (Capsicum annuum L. var. annuum)丁妮倫; Ni-Lun Ting; 宋妤; Yu Sung
Jun-2003Influence of Plant Density on Growth and Yield of Tomato in Bag CultureWoo-Nang Chang; 張武男; Yu Sung; Ing-Chih Lin; 宋妤; 林英志
2005PEG水分逆境處理對‘麗香’與‘奇雅’辣椒植株生長及果實辣味之影響宋 妤; Yu Sung; 丁妮倫; Ting, Ni-Lun-
Jun-1999Solid Matrix Priming of Asparagus Bean Seeds郭宗淵; Tsung-Yuan Kuo; 宋妤; Yu Sung
Mar-2000Study on the Cell Type and Plug Design for Improving Pan Root and Growth of Chinese Cabbage Seedling黃亮白; Linag-Pai Huang; 宋妤; 張武男; Yu Sung; Woo-Nang Chang
Dec-1987Use of Transplantor in Vegetable Production宋妤; Yu Sung; 張武男; Woo-Nang Chang
Mar-1999Using Morphological Traitson Cultivar Identification of Capsicum annuum L.宋妤; Cheng-Chieh Lin; 林政潔; 張武男; Woo-Nang Chang; Yu Sung
Sep-2000不同海拔穴盤苗、栽培月份和栽培密度對農友301品種番茄秋作生育與產量之影響陳鴻彬; Hung-Bin Chen; 宋妤; 張武男; Yu Sung; Woo-Nang Chang
Dec-1998不同溫度處理對分蔥鱗莖失重與萌芽之影響郭濰如; Wei-Ru Kuo; 宋妤; 張武男; Yu Sung; Woo-Nang Chang
Mar-2003不同發育溫度之萵苣種子發芽十Endo-B-mannanase及內生乙烯生成之研究江怡睿; Yi-Ray Jiang; 宋妤; Yu Sung