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Sep-1995Economic Analysis of Agroforestry in Taiwan羅紹麟; 林喻東; Shaw-Lin Lo; Yui-Dung Lin
Mar-1992The Evaluation of Forest Land Management of Aboriginal Reservation in TaiwanShaw-Lin Lo; Yui-Dung Lin; 羅紹麟; 林喻東
Aug-1982Experiment on Thinning of China-fir Plantation林子玉; 賀主伯; 林喻東; Tzn-Yu Lin; Chu-Po Ho; Yui-Dung Lin
Sep-1995Forestry Administrative Performance A Case Study : Taiwan Forestry Baurea羅紹麟; 林喻東; 童秋霞; Shaw-Lin Lo; Yui-Dung Lin; Chiou-Shya Torng
Mar-1995Studies on Forestry Administration under Environment Conservative Policy-Optimal Forest Road Density羅紹麟; 林喻東; 周源樹; Shaw-Lin Lo; Yui-Dung Lin; Yuan-Shu Zhou
Mar-1992Studies on Management Technique of Leased National Forestland in Central Area of TaiwanShaw-Lin Lo; Yui-Dung Lin; Kai-An Lo; 羅紹麟; 林喻東; 羅凱安
Apr-1981The Survey and Analysis of Forest Recreation Areas in Western Coast of Taiwan羅紹麟; 林喻東; Shaw-Lin Lo; Yui-Dung Lin
2009惠蓀林場及新化林場遊客滿意度及忠誠度之比較李久先; Joou-Shian Lee; 陳朝圳; 林喻東; 李介祿; Chaur-Tzuhn Chen; Yui-Dung Lin; Chieh-Lu Lee; 顏添明; Tian-ming Yen; 林美伶; Lin, Mei-Ling; 中興大學-
Apr-1980本省海岸防風林經濟利用之研究(一):木麻黃之更新及木材利用Shaw-Lin Lo; Yui-Dung Lin; 羅紹麟; 林喻東
Mar-1991民營遊樂區經營理念與實務之研究Shaw-Lin Lo; Yui-Dung Lin; 羅紹麟; 林喻東
2007私有林主休閒林業經營行為意向模式之研究 ─以台中縣私有林主為例─鄭欽龍; Chin-long Zheng; 林喻東; 董時叡; Yui-Dung Lin; Shih-jui Tung; 羅紹麟; Shaw-Lin Lo; 李俊志; Lee, Chin-Chih; 中興大學-
Sep-1993臺灣地區混農林業經營之研究羅紹麟; 林喻東; Shaw-Lin Lo; Yui-Dung Lin