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2008Aeromonas caviae NCHU1發酵生產幾丁酵素之純化及特性張永吉; Yung-Chi Chang; 易逸波; 陳錦坤; 傅俊中; Yet-Pole I; Jin-Kun Chen; Chun-Chong Fu; 劉永銓; Yung-Chuan Liu; 洪哲瑋; Hung, Che-Wei; 中興大學-
30-Apr-2016Analysis of exopolysaccharide production patterns of Cordyceps militaris under various light-emitting diodesChung-Hua Kho; Shu-Chen Kan; Chih-Yuan Chang; Heng-Yi Cheng; Chia-Chi Lin; Pin-Chiuan Chiou; Chwen-Jen Shieh; Yung-Chuan Liu; 劉永銓
1999Antibody Reactive Dyeing and It''s Application in Immunodiagnostics劉永銓; Yung-Chuan Liu; 林修民-
Jul-2013Biofuel Cells Composed by Using Glucose Oxidase on Chitosan Coated Carbon Fiber Cloth-
Oct-2012Characteristics of the photosynthesis microbial fuel cell with a Spirulinaplatensis biofilm-
11-Oct-2016Deciphering characteristics of the designer cellulosome from Bacillus subtilis WB800N via enzymatic analysisChia-Chi Lin; Cally Joe San Yap; Shu-Chen Kan; Nai-Chi Hsueh; Liang-Yu Yang; Chwen-Jen Shieh; Chieh-Chen Huang; 劉永銓; Yung-Chuan Liu
Oct-2015Deciphering EGFP production via surface display and self-cleavage intein system in different hostsShu-Chen Kan; Chi-Ming Chen; Chia-Chi Lin; Jiun-Yan Wua; Chwen-Jen Shieh; Yung-Chuan Liu
Aug-2013Enhanced d-hydantoinase activity performance via immobilizedcobalt ion affinity membrane and its kinetic study-
Jul-2016Formation of amide bond catalyzed by lipase in aqueous phase for peptide synthesisChia-Hung Kuo; Jer-An Lin; Ching-Ming Chien; Chang-Han Tsai; Yung-Chuan Liu; Chwen-Jen Shieh
13-Nov-2017Green Synthesis of Ultraviolet Absorber 2-Ethylhexyl Salicylate: Experimental Design and Artificial Neural Network Modeling黃祥閔; Shang-Ming Huang; Tzu-Hsiang Hung; Yung-Chuan Liu; Chia-Hung Kuo; Chwen-Jen Shieh
1-Jan-2013Kinetic aspects of ultrasound-accelerated lipase catalyzed acetylation and optimal synthesis of 4′-acetoxyresveratrol-
2015LED燈照射培養北蟲草菌生產二次代謝產物及其動力學之探討劉永銓; Yung-Chuan Liu; Chung-Hua Kho; 許俊華; 化學工程學系所
Oct-2013Lipase-immobilized biocatalytic membranes for biodiesel production-
18-Apr-2016Polyhydroxylated steroids and triterpenoids from an entophytic fungus, Hypocreales sp. NCHU01 isolated from Tuber magnatumChiung-Wen Yeh; Shu-Chen Kan; Chia-Chi Lin; Chwen-Jen Shieh; Yung-Chuan Liu; 劉永銓
2010Preparation of the Immobilized Metal Ion Membrane for Penicillin G Acylase Purification and Immobilization易逸波; 張耀南; 張永吉; 吳豐智; 劉永銓; Yung-Chuan Liu; 陳志義; Chen, Chih-I; 中興大學-
2008Production of Fungichromin by Streptomyces padanus PMS-702 in Air-lift bioreactor劉永銓; Yung-Chuan Liu; 陳佑瑞; Chen, Yu-Jui; 中興大學-
Jun-2013Production of D-hydantoinase via surface display and self-cleavage system-
2005Production of Fungichromin by Streptomyces padanus PMS-702 in Submerged Culture-Investigation of Fermentation Conditions in Bioreactor submerged culture stirred-tank bioreactor劉永銓; Yung-Chuan Liu; 羅淇文; luo, qi-wen-
2016Production of Resveratrol by Piceid Deglycosylation Using CellulaseChia-Hung Kuo; Bao-Yuan Chen; Yung-Chuan Liu; Jiann-Hwa Chen; Chwen-Jen Shieh
2005Purification and immobilization of penicillin G acylase using multifunction membrane劉永銓; Yung-Chuan Liu; 黃振翁; Huang, Cheng-Weng-