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2009Direct Asymmetric Catalytic Thienylaluminum Addition to Ketones: A Concise Approach to the Synthesis of (S)-Tiemonium IodideBiradar, D.B.; 高漢謀; Zhou, S.L.; Gau, H.M.-
2010Extremely Efficient Cross-Coupling of Benzylic Halides with Aryltitanium Tris(isopropoxide) Catalyzed by Low Loadings of a Simple Palladium(II) Acetate/Tris(p-tolyl)phosphine SystemChen, C.R.; 高漢謀; Zhou, S.L.; Biradar, D.B.; Gau, H.M.-
2010Highly Enantioselective 3-Furylation of Ketones Using (3-Furyl)titanium NucleophileZhou, S.L.; 高漢謀; Chen, C.R.; Gau, H.M.-
2009Highly Enantioselective Arylation of Aldehydes and Ketones Using AlArEt2(THF) as Aryl SourcesZhou, S.L.; Wu, K.H.; Chen, C.A.; Gau, H.M.-
2011Instantaneous room-temperature and highly enantioselective ArTi(O-i-Pr)(3) additions to aldehydesWu, K.H.; 高漢謀; Zhou, S.L.; Chen, C.A.; Yang, M.C.; Chiang, R.T.; Chen, C.R.; Gau, H.M.-
2009Palladium-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling Reaction of AlArEt2(THF) with Aryl BromidesShu, W.T.; Zhou, S.L.; Gau, H.M.-
2009Synthesis, characterization, and structures of arylaluminum reagents and asymmetric arylation of aldehydes catalyzed by a titanium complex of an N-sulfonylated amino alcoholZhou, S.L.; 高漢謀; Chuang, D.W.; Chang, S.J.; Gau, H.M.-
2009Synthesis, Structures, and Characterizations of ArTi(O-i-Pr)(3) (2) and Efficient Room-Temperature Aryl-Aryl Coupling of Aryl Bromides with ArTi(O-i-Pr)(3) (2) Catalyzed by the Economic Pd(OAC)(2)/PCy3 SystemYang, H.T.; Zhou, S.L.; Chang, F.S.; Chen, C.R.; Gau, H.M.-