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2008The D (1)Sigma(+) state of (7)LiH: Comparison of observations with vibronic theoryWu, C.Y.; Luh, W.T.; Gadea, F.X.; Stwalley, W.C.-
2000The D (1)Sigma(+) state of (LiH)-Li-7Huang, Y.L.; Luh, W.T.; Jeung, G.H.; Gadea, F.X.-
Dec-2010D 型胺基酸氧化酵素基因(daao)作為甘藍之葉綠體基因轉殖的篩選標誌基因之研究朱宛茹; 楊明德; 曾夢蛟;  國立中興大學園藝系
2010D-cycloserine對MPTP處理後之Wistar大鼠的類情境記憶缺陷之影響何應瑞; Ying-Jui Ho; 李季湜; Jay-Shake Li; 劉英明; Ying-Ming Liou; 王安莉; Wang, An-Li; 中興大學-
1998d-minimal languagesYu, S.S.; 喻石生-
2012d-pinitol inhibits RANKL-induced osteoclastogenesisLiu, S.C.; Chuang, S.M.; Tang, C.H.-
2004D-type fiber optic sensor used as a refractometer based on total-internal reflection heterodyne interferometryChiu, M.H.; 楊錫杭; Hsu, S.N.; Yang, H.-
1998d-Words and d-languagesFan, C.M.; 喻石生; Shyr, H.J.; Yu, S.S.-
1996D-胺基酸氧化酵素基因、蘇力菌殺蟲晶體蛋白基因及抗凍蛋白基因轉移至 甘藍與結球白菜之研究曾夢蛟; Tseng Menq-Jiau; 張隆武; Chang, Lung-Wu-
2015D2D環境中的功率分配隨機賽局張敏寬; 李冠霖; Kuan-Lin Li; 電機工程學系所
Dec-2000Daily Fluctuations of Soil Temperature under Natural Hardwoods at the Lienhuachi Area of Central TaiwanJaung-Pey Lin; 黃良鑫; Hui-Sheng Lu; 盧惠生; 林壯沛-
2004Dairy Market Regulations of Major Dairy Producing Countries and Marketing Planning for the Dairy Industry in Taiwan魯真; Jane Lu Hsu; 洪麗君; Hung, Lih-June-
Mar-1996Dairy+Industry+and+the+Policy+in+TaiwanRobert, E.Jacobson; Wu, Ming-Ming; 國立中興大學農產運銷學系
2002Damage Assessment and Detection of Newly Placed Reinforced Concrete Structures under Earthquakes (II)顏聰; 林宜清; 鄭家齊; 國立中興大學土木工程學系; 行政院國家科學委員會-
2005Damage Diagnosis and Vibration Control of Building Structures (I)林其璋; 王哲夫; 行政院國家科學委員會; 中興大學土木工程系-
2003Damage formation and repair efficiency in the p53 gene of cell lines and blood lymphocytes assayed by multiplex long quantitative polymerase chain reactionWang, Y.C.; Lee, P.J.; Shih, C.M.; Chen, H.Y.; Lee, C.C.; Chang, Y.Y.; Hsu, Y.T.; Liang, Y.J.; Wang, L.Y.; Han, W.H.-
Nov-2012Damage identification of isolators in base-isolated torsionallycoupled buildings-
2002Damage investigation and liquefaction potential analysis of gravelly soilLin, P.S.; 林炳森; Chang, C.W.-
2011Damage to the Reefs of Siangjiao Bay Marine Protected Area of Kenting National Park, Southern Taiwan during Typhoon MorakotKuo, C.Y.; Meng, P.J.; Ho, P.H.; Wang, J.T.; Chen, J.P.; Chiu, Y.W.; Lin, H.J.; Chang, Y.C.; Fan, T.Y.; Chen, C.A.-
30-Aug-2007Damage to Understory Trees in a Two-storied Sugi and Hinoki Plantation:A Case Study in the University of Tokyo Forest in ChibaKawaguchi Takaaki; Satoshi Tatsuhara; Agricultural and Life Sciences,University of Tokyo; Department of Forestry, National Chung Hsing University-